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Disclaimer: This website contains Adult Horror-Orientated Content and is recommended for Mature Viewers.


Earth and the planet Shuromij are plagued by Psychic monsters from Dimensions beyond Reality. The Most horrific fact about the beings called Youkai is...most of them are Man-Made! Now thanks to Millennia of playing God, the galaxy has to endure the legacy of wicked extra-sensory experiments courtesy of the Occult order of Nishin Genma.
But one former Psychic Assassin will put his foot down and stop the Mad scientists corrupting and mutating the innocent. His name is Ryuken Kage and he is the most successful and tragic disciple of the rituals to create the ultimate Psychic Demigods; the
Genma Visage.
His former masters sought to find the Cure. They created only a Disease.
Now Ryuken will stop it Spreading!

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26th-28th May 2017

Excel Exhibition Centre, London

International Comic Expo
10th June 2017

Hilton Metropole, Kings Road BN1 2FU

Genma Visage

Yes indeedy.
It's that time of year again. Though admitedly I wasn't there in 2016, but this year on this weekend, the London MCM expo is happening in the Excel centre and you bet Genma Visage will be firing it up in this hot May! With my biggest print run to date including the first editions of Book 0 parts 1(final) and 2 It's sure to make quite a splash, and I sure have to restrain myself to not waffle on the journey it's taken to get here. It's been quite a ride to have these done, pretty much a spiritual journey even, but i got there in end. While I'm keeping my eyes forward to the next adventure, I'm sure you'll enjoy this book just as much as I had a most fulfilling adventure writing it.

Incidentally the newest editions of Books 1 to 3 will be here. They're the same as before apart from the butt-kicking new covers that I've now granted them so I shall think that'll bring peeps over quicker than ever. Also there'll be a new banner for the table next to the other "two ladies" that i regularly have. Mistress Lumriya based on the Book 2 cover will now be watching my back and based on what I saw when i pulled it out she sure looks smoking!

While Books will be the priority on the table, my previous prints "Springfield warriors" and "Tyrannical Cryomancer" will be available going for 10 each. Commissions are still on the ball as well, and despite spending the past 2 months writing, I'm quite sure that my drawing hand will still strike true. :D

All my recent artwork and comic previews should be in my art porfolios that'll be on display. In particular I'll have some works in progress of my side project Pagan Leers available which I hope will entice you further. Breaking away from the Darker action Horror of Genma, the working title "Birth of the Marid" is set to be a little adventurous and certainly quite spicy. :P

One more note. As much as Book0 part 1 and 2 are available from me personally, advertising-wise it's not official yet, which basically means there is promotion art on its way before you can grab it from the likes of Lulu and other venues. Any help to spread the word of Genma would be much appreciated though. ;)

My next show after this one is two weeks from now is the
ICE event in Brighton of which i did get a little spotlight on their site. So far 2017 is shaping up nicely.

My rates are as follows. I hope to see you all there and meet new peeps along the way. I hope you all have an awesome one too and many cheers for your support. ;D x x -TomT

Genma Visage Book 1:  8.50
Genma Visage Book 2:  7.50
Genma Visage Book 3:  8.50
Genma Visage: Profane Divinations:  16.00
Genma Visage: The Progeny of Shemsu-Hor (First Edition): 16.00

10 a print. Including the "Springfield Warriors" and "Tyrannical Cryomancy" pieces.

Simple / Cartoony
Sketch: 7
Inks: 12 (Per Additional Character: 7.50)
Colours: 18 (Per Additional Character: 13)
Detailed / Realistic
Sketch: 12
Inks: 20 (Per Additional Character: 15)
Colours: 30 (Per Additional Character: 24)

Hello chaps! Hope you've all been keeping as well as can be!
Good News on Good Friday! I've been putting off the announcement for about a week, but today is more appropriate. I am pleased to announce that the workload including the comic art, writing, lettering and formatting for Book 0 Part 1: Profane Divinations is now complete. With a week to spare I met my own personal deadline to have it complete and apart from the proofreading suffice to say I am a very happy Bunny. Compared with it's Brother Part 2: Progeny of Shemsu-Hor this is certainly the biggest book to date, quite the expansion compared to it's earlier page count of about 54 pages.I'm having a quick formatting job of the previous books but it sure is a joy to have a full library and start the new adventures to come. In the fall of May you shall see Maud Lesgov and Relicia's gang get up to their shenanigans in the future print runs of the Genma Visage series. Incidentally certain fellows who get comics printed for me may wish to keep an eye on their inboxes.
In the meantime, I'd like to brush up on some well earned Illustration duties very soon and also knock up a new pull out Banner as the prestige totem to show off at conventions. Huzzah!

In other news, soonish, more likely May, I shall be unveiling works in progress of designs and illustrations regarding a project under the code name "Pagan Leers". The actual title it'll go under has 90% been decided on, but maybe subject to change. I'll fill you all in when the time comes, but it's certainly shaping up to be a fun project and a breath of fresh air compared to the dark and horror orientated presence that is Genma Visage.

That'll be all for now. Peace and God Bless, chaps. -TomT

Hello there, Old chaps. It's been a little while since my last post. Hope you've all had a exciting Halloween, cracking Bonfire Night \ Thanksgiving, a wonderful Christmas, a Happy New Years celebrations, and a Heartwarming Valentines day. Admittedly, i don't care much for all the recent Politics that populates the Newsfeed, although it's a bit of shame with some of the celebrity deaths as of late. But hey.

I've been alright, alive and kicking and all that. Ever the busy beaver. I suppose on that note I'll cut straight to the chase.

I have my first show confirmed, and that will be the
London MCM Expo in May. This is brilliant because as fate would have it, the Comic Village was fully booked last year in that venue by the time i could get to my inbox. Luck fell in my lap this time around though. In contrast to 2016 i would like to have conventions more plentiful from here on out. Whilst i can't confirm further convention attendances for the time being, the conventions i had in mind include ICE in Brighton, LFCC in Olympia, Bristol Comicon (a maybe), Leeds Thought Bubble, Scotland MCM in Glasgow, in fact as many MCM expos as i can get my hands.

Part of the reasons I can't confirm too many is because of course my commitment to getting books in print as well. Currently I'm tackling the lettering process of the final cut of Book 0 part 1, then both parts will be complete and I'll have what i call a current full set of books to take on the world with. Touchwood Part 1 will be in print for London MCM Expo. After that the next Book that will be on the cards would be Book 4 which shall conclude the saga of Jacobi and the Shogun Empire. Book 0 part 3, the final part of the Shemshu Hor Saga will follow, and will there be more Genma Visage titles? I'd like to keep hopeful. :)

In addition i have been working on the designs for the pending title comic Pagan Leers. I haven't got anything in concrete to mention now, but all i can say is, it's an Action Fantasy story with hot women, it's aiming for about the certificate 12a \ 15 age group, and it'll be a lot more light-hearted and upbeat compared to Genma Visage. It'll also do away with saga based stories. There will be a continuity but each book will be fully self contained stories. Saying all this though, I would like to have a set plan before starting any new comic projects in full and in particular I'd like to take a break if need be so i can work on other Professional obligations within the field.

Lately I've also added lots of new content to the galleries on my website, including my recent artworks and also sections for my Landscapes and Life drawing material to assure passer buyers of my interest in the simple things of life. Also for Nostalgia sake I've also added a gallery for other Non GV animations that i did during my University days, complete with recent insight and annotations on the matter. As you can see I've gone ahead to try and flex the appeal of the website. Whilst Genma Visage will always be the face, title, backbone and driving force of what i do, I've gone about presenting my Site to encompass my work and portfolio as a whole to catch multiple eyes if need be. Every little helps.

And that's about it! Further items you can expect on the website will be more artwork, several new Lore chapters and a more Populated character gallery where the roster will grow from 14 to about 36 characters as depicted in the series. So there you go, work work work! :)

Hope you all have a goodun and best wishes for your 2017 adventures.

Genma Visage and its related works are Copyright to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.