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23rd-24th September 2017

Exhibition Way
Glasgow Lanarkshire
G3 8YW

  Age: Unknown

Species: Youkai (Demonic)

Origin: The Underworld

Affiliations: The Legions of Grail, Cult of Lamia, Devvyart.

Alignment: Evil

First Appearance: Genma Visage: The Animated Pilot

Powers \ Abilities: Super Strength and Endurance, demonic possessive abilities and transformation

Favourite Bands: DJ Tiesto, Rob Zombie

Enforcers to the Arch Undead Devil Grail, these two cronies regularly scout ahead looking for suitable hosts for their god to resurrect in. Additionally, from Devvyart to the derivative factions of the Cult of Lamia, DJ and Grail have infiltrated many cults with ears to the ground for any information and boon that may benefit their master. Though they may flex their roles, they are a regular menace to planet Earth so long as Grail has plans to claim the world of the Living.

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