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23rd-24th September 2017

Exhibition Way
Glasgow Lanarkshire
G3 8YW

  Age: 56

Species: ArchXehinoz

Origin: Earth's Core

Affiliations: Cult of Lamia, Underground wrestling Circuit.

Alignment: Good \ Neutral

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 1 (cameo and mentioned).

Powers \ Abilities: Extreme Super Strength and Endurance, Limited Regenerative \ Psychic Powers, Acute sense of smell, resistant to molten lava, capable of breathing fire.

Favourite Bands: Byfrost, Mithras, Early Morbid Angel, Mastodon, Taake, Bal-Sagoth, Heidevolk, Taake.

Archxehinoz, Cave troll, Husband, Father, Cult of Lamia member, and hero of the underground, Hiero has led quite a life to forge his name in legend. After helping lead his species to safer shores from the oppressive Xehinoz regime, Hiero focused on his ESP training to boost his already impressive might to help his career in underground wrestling.

The rest is mere History; after winning victory after victory, prize after prize, the biggest challenge the wealthy troll faces is a losing battle with alcohol, cigars and boredom. Once a rival to Ryuken in the underground pit wrestling tournaments, Hiero has since become a friend and mentor to him as well as to others who trust his tipsy guidance.

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