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OCTOBER 26th-28th

ExCeL centre
One Western Gateway
Royal Victoria Dock
E16 1XL

  Age: 14

Species: Shurokiu

Origin: Shuromij

Affiliations: Former Nishin Genma (Clairvoyance branch), Maud's crew.

Alignment: Good \ Neutral

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 1

Powers \ Abilities: Broad Telepathy and Precognitive Psychic Powers, Astroprojection, Teleportation, Hypnosis.

Favourite bands: Zen ambience, Music with Psycho-acoustic frequencies and binaury waves.

An orphaned victim of an earthquake on Shuromij, Kihira was handpicked by Nishin Genma for his developing psychic powers when by accident he sent them a telepathic signal for help in the face of the despair around him. With sufficient training, Kihira went to work for Nishin Genma's telepathic communicational divisions, aiding troops in battles and skirmishes across Shuromij.

Maud Lesgov was a member of the squad sent to give relief to the Earthquake survivors and retrieve Kihira. It was there that the two formed an unlikely Friendship along with a mutual respect and shared loathing for their treacherous superiors. After the Genma Visage experiments and the Shurokiu's crackdown on Nishin Genma, Maud feared for Kihira's wellbeing and took the orphan with her to Earth to escape the prices on their heads.

Now assisting Maud in her bounty hunting expeditions as well as her job for Jimmy Wizardkid, Kihira remains a neutral spectator at all events, including potential frictions between Ryuken and Maud. Kihira also remains friends with the other young ex-Nishin Genma telepaths throughout the Solar System, most of whom were assimilated into the government and law enforcement of Shuromij. He regularly communicates with his former colleagues through astroprojected telepathy.

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