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OCTOBER 26th-28th

ExCeL centre
One Western Gateway
Royal Victoria Dock
E16 1XL

  Age: Over 9000 years old.

Species: Human / Genma Visage Mk1 Model

Origin: Earth (The Libyan Dimension)

Affiliations: Shogun Empire, Jaded Shadow industries, Emerald Voyage research, The lost Empire of the Libyan Dimension.

Alignment: Mixed

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 2

Powers \ Abilities: Borderline Immortality and Regenertation, Mutative Biomechanical Weaponry, Necrotic Powers and Black Magic.

Favourite bands: Faun, Shiva in Exile, Irfan, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Deva Primal, G S Sachev, Russill Paul.

Currently a Chief Executive, Fashion Model, and Archaeologist, Lumriya was once a lively adventurous princess of the Libyan dimension that existed 9000 years ago. Heir to a King who owned the most vibrant livestock in the world, Lumriya’s compassion for her kingdom led her to concern for the bad treatment of the slave class and the outlandish disappearances of citizens across the Libyan and Memphis dimensions. When she investigated further, Lumriya was betrayed by her own father to the ancient ancestors of Nishin Genma. The King wanted his child to become a goddess and Nishin Genma wanted to find a cure for the Shurokiu’s dragohaemophilia while creating the ultimate weapon. Lumriya was put through the Herazeus ritual, a variation of the Genma Visage experiment that mixed psychic and necrotic mutation. The ritual backfired, mutating Lumriya into a horrific shape-shifting war machine, and consumed with inhuman rage she killed her captors and her father. In the chaos, deadly experimental diseases were leaked into the rivers of the Libya dimension, wiping out the entire kingdom in fire and plague overnight. Reverting back into human form, the woeful Lumriya was able to travel through the dimensional rift to planet Earth. Here, her unwilling legacy began in full.

Lumriya was cursed with a hunger for soul energy that spurred her to feed on living victims every 5 to 20 years. The Nishin Genma shamans had integrated a genetic memory refresh system into Lumriya’s development designed to keep her obedient to their will. With their deaths and with no one to guide her, she lived in a state of constant memory loss; her identity wiped clean after feeding, only to find herself fresh in another land. Living in stealth, Lumriya was a terrifying ticking time bomb. For 9 millennia this horrific cycle went on. Thousands were killed. She could not be cured or slain and she was feared and despised wherever she went. Despite occasional, heartfelt aid from her chronomancer sister Relicia, Lumriya’s memories of her royal Libyan heritage was soon a sad forgotten memory, lost in amnesiac eons of times.

All of this changed in modern times during the Britonum war on the Isle of White. By this stage, Lumriya was working as a journalist for a corrupt media empire. She had befriended a young pre-Genma Visage Ryuken Kage who was sent to Britonum along with his battalion to tame the dystopian city. During the massacre of his comrades in a trap set by lobotomised citizens, Lumriya underwent a violent ordeal from the media empire's mercenaries, provoking her vampiric, war machine alter ego. She went on a bloodthirsty rampage within the chaos of the crumbling city. Ryuken tracked her down. Although he was unaware of his organisation’s past crimes, he did form an antidote based on his own expertise and Nishin Genma’s current pharmaceuticals. Using totem-based nutrients and the medicine he used to suppress his dragohaemophilia, Ryuken found a way to remove Lumriya’s hunger and stop the cycle of her memory loss. But as the Britonum war came to an end, the emotional overload of 9000 years were slowly coming back to Lumriya, and her hatred for Nishin Genma forced her to flee the young warrior. For six years, Ryuken has hoped that she hasn’t taken another life since.

Lumriya has since resurfaced, using the knowledge of her travels over the millennia to form a career in archaeology, while using her beauty and royal glamour to make a career in modelling. She still deeply struggles to regain any joy she once had in the Libya dimension, as she has far too much contempt for Mankind and Nishin Genma. Worse still, Lumriya has been taken under the Arch villain Jacobi Ninjojakal’s wing like an adopted daughter. The true nature of their relationship has yet to be revealed, along with the mystery of her interest in certain young individuals.

Although cured of her hunger for Soul energy, Lumriya is still immortal. She has a lost, extremely rare ability to resurrect herself from death by attuning her corpse to the energy given off by the birth and death of creatures across the Earth. With her necrotic weaponry and war machine form, Lumriya is a formidable opponent even in the presence of Demigods and other Genma Visage experiments.

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