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23rd-24th September 2017

Exhibition Way
Glasgow Lanarkshire
G3 8YW

  Age: Over 50,000 years old.

Species: Human

Origin: Earth (The Libyan Dimension)

Affiliations: Cult of Lamia

Alignment: Neutral / Chaotic / Good (?)

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 1

Powers \ Abilities: Omnipotent Immortality and Invulnerability, Dimension travel, Chronomancy, Black Magic, Limited Psychic Powers as and when needed.

Favourite bands: Venom, Bathory, King Diamond, Henry Rollins, Gwar, Swedish Erotica, Yngwie Malsteen.

The Devil may care sex icon of the tale may be a pinch over 50,000 years and just short of insane from aons of otherwordly dimensional travel, but a mix of superb wit, intellect and carnal desires drives her onwards all the same. Incapable of truly dying, Relicia spends her omnipotent years seeking adventure, spreading disorder and having thorough sex with just about anything to pacify her lusty fires. Relicia has recently turned her attention to the events of Genma Visage, claiming it to be the most fun she's ever had. This also ties in with her own rough history with Nishin Genma.

Relicia was once a princess like her fairer little sister Lumriya. Situated in the lost Libyan dimension over 9000 years ago, Relicia was the daughter of a man both a king and a wealthy owner of a business in livestocking goats. The riches this granted at the time quickly spoilt Relicia into becoming an arrogant stuck up heir to the royal throne. As her mother had died giving birth to Lumriya, it was only with her sibling that Relicia felt kinship. It was her 24th year, however, that these two would be separated. Relicias father had intended to donate the sisters for Nishin Genma's experiments, hoping to achieve creating the perfect goddess daughters to rule his kingdom. After the experiments back fired, the king slain, and the Libyan dimension simply wiped out of existence, Relicia fled to Earth's dimension to live among the men of the Neolithic world. Since that day, very rarely does Relicia use profanity, but when she does, it's almost always brought on by the subject of her father, whom she describes as "a miserable dickhead".

Before and after the events of the first of Nishin Genma's experiments, Relicia was studying various forms of magic and alchemy, and although she was deprived of her former libraries, she soldiered on with what she knew, hoping to one day find a cure for her sister. Chronomancy was her primary talent, and in order to achieve the highest state of plain, she surgically implanted her trademark 3 horned crown into her skull. Each horn represents, in Relicias words, the 3 totems of chronomancy and life; Law, Disorder, and the Forbidden path of recreation. Spending a lifetime in isolation, she tried to perfect her art, with no contact with people save for interactions when trying to cure her amnesiac sister who had long since forgotten her older sibling. By the old age of 80, Relicia had been driven insane by her thwarted ambitions and senility, having spent her whole life in despairing. In that silent cave in the most remote and isolated spot of the desert, Relicia quietly passed away. However, in one last ditch effort to master her Chronomancy, her last incantations took hold of her very being. Tearing into the very fabric of space and time, the chronomancy that brewed in her cadavre tapped into a single heartbeat of the cadiacal bellowing of the universe, and bestowed Relicia with nigh Omnipotent invulnerability and immortality.
Not only would any mortal wound, injury or disease quickly heal, but her body was restored to her young beautiful adulthood, and permanently dieing her hair a blood red colour and her eyes a golden hazle. Overwhelmed with sheer joy, Relicia quickly realised the chances of this happening was a highly unreliable one in infinity, making her not only the luckiest person in the universe but also the most spoilt. As such, this would not be the first time Relicia would cast a cynical eye on the notion of power tripping.

There were also several catches to her powers. She couldn't have children, her offensive chronomancy magic was incapable of destroying her enemies and in truth, Chronomancy was not what she expected. The real essence of the art had nothing to do with effecting past or future but it did relate to manipulating the present, travelling across dimensions and vast plains in the universe particularly those effected by the ripples in time. Undeterred however, Relicia realised she literally had all the time in the universe to cure her sister Lumriya. This again did not turn out as planned. For 50,000 years across time and other dimensions Relicia could never find a way to pacify Lumriya predicament, and after a while she gave up. Relicia originally had setup the cult of Lamia as a charity to aid her sister and those effected by her onslaughts but over the ages this became, with Relicias dying moral, a religion that celebrated magic, hedonistic pleasures, anti-authoritarianism, self-realisation and much more, with the Ironic motto of variety being the spice of life.
Whilst she tried to help Lumriya and her then friends whenever she could, Relicia would soon be reminded that there was no cure and for a while would merely view her sister as a vehicle for bringing down the thrones of ignorance she encountered along her travels. As Relicia could not die, the years quickly fuelled her monstrously depraved sex addiction that makes even the deepest of hell's demons balk, and her sexy curves were more than helpful when making many heads of kings swim as she took down their kingdoms. Her name and the pleasures she could grant were a fabled legend even to gods, notably stirring up the mythology of the Scarlet Whore of Babylon.

Wherever she could, Relicia took the chance to spite Nishin Genma and avenge what they did to Lumriya. Whilst the inner circles and royal bloodlines of Nishin Genma were aware of Relicias existence, they did not share this knowledge with the other subordinates, fearing the truth would threaten the very foundations of the regime. Instead, Relicia's existence was spread as a highly misaligned bedtime story across Shurokiu folklore to scare children, including the nursery rhyme "what's got red hair and rapes young men in the night?" Thus destabilising any claim that Relicia intended to make.

Despite normally favouring the efforts of protagonists, the debate continuesly goes on regarding whether or not Relicia is truly a benefit to mankind and other races. Those in the Cult of Lumriya naturally worship her as a goddess and her other supporters certainly acknowledge her as the wakeup call that those noble of heart and the suppressed are looking for. Nevertheless, her often amoral actions and playful attitude with the seriousness of humanities affairs has more than created friction in some circles. Ryuken has sheer contempt for her not only because she date raped him in a vulnerable state during the Britonum war which made him unfaithful to his beloved Usheana, but also because she, according to Ryuken, deliberately avoided seeking Shurokiu help in favour of allowing the transformed Lumriya to reap the destruction and chaos that Relicia loved so much upon those she deemed as authoritive bigots. In doing so countless innocents perished and Lumriya continued to suffer.

According to Ryuken, if Relicias face launched a 1000 sails, she would rebuke any responsibility regarding their fate and those around them. Though Relicia has never committed any direct crimes of murder and genocide, her presence in those areas can be seen as a deliberately intended catalyst. Apart from straight up saying she has helped humanity at times, Relicia on one hand insists that if crimes were being committed before, during and after her arrival, how can she be the bad guy if events will merely take its course faster with her presence. Relicia may go onto mention life will always be a constant struggle of opposites and grey areas. To her, persecuted people complain about their darkest hour, only to rebuke about overpopulating the planet on the next day. In Relicias eyes, as information can be changed, manipulated and corrupted over time, she views it as a burden to encourage a doctrine of pure good if it gets twisted into something evil within a heartbeat. The only true justice in the world, as far as Relicia is concerned is Self-Realisation, and the ability to think, do and survive by yourself. To quote her distinctly, Relicia is not there to lead but simply help a man find his way out of the jungle. It is in this retrospect that Relicias morality can be compared to Mother Nature, of which her beauty can never be appriecated without first appreciating the dark side.

One thing is for certain. Whatever the pleasure that Relicias presence may bring, chaos always follows her wherever she goes.

Genma Visage and its related works are Copyright to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.