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MAY 25th-27th

Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL

Select an Exhibition.

A selection of Illustrations, Pinups and Special-Occassion Tomfoolery.

Landscape, Environment and Scenery art from the Series.

Genma Visage Prologue:

Preview pages from the Books of the Series:

Miscellaneous Comics (Maud Lesgov and Rock Diggler):

Sketchwork including Figure Drawing, Cloth and Animal studies.

A variety of artworks on different subjects done over the years by the man himself.
Includes gift and tribute arts with credits included.

Prototype animatics and cartoons from the Early stages.

And sure why not. Here's some other Prehistoric Capers!

For Photos of Genma's Shenanigans at Conventions
and Festivals, look no further!

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