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Pilot Shorts.

I suppose you could say that Genma Visage was kinda born when these animations were created, although it didn't take the shape it is today until about 3 years later.

These animations were done at University with a traditional approach. Save for panning functions and certain special effects, all the characters were hand drawn and coloured, attempting an approach not unlike the days of Disney.

I definately do have further animations on the mind, in fact that's part of my ambition. If i did have a crack on it again, I was thinking either a cel-shaded 3D approach or a 2d animation in the same vein as proper old school anime like Ninja Scroll and Akira to name a few. Within my art style of course



Genma Visage Pilot

Tanya Azperi wakes up from a Horrific Nightmare of unsettling implications. Hellish demons gloat that she is their chosen one, as an unholy Demigod takes the fight back to them. Comforted by her partner, she is assured that it was all just a bad dream. Or was it?



G.V. Mock Introduction

More of an experiment than anything else. In hindsight, this has little to do with the Genma universe as it is now, and was simply (for me) a tech demo at the time that used After Effects.

If i was going to do an intro nowadays, you can bet your ass it would be full of Death Metal to say the least.



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