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23rd-24th September 2017

Exhibition Way
Glasgow Lanarkshire
G3 8YW

Miscellaneous Strips

Various shorts done for Humouring people between main the installments of Genma. Titled either as "The Arseburgers" or "Tukeworks presents Collected comic madness", this is my attempt to tickle the odd funny bone and blowing off steam (and heads), taking characters and designs that didn't take off as series in their own right and putting them into one package. Rock and the gang I'll fill you in on later, but you already know Maud.

Interesting to note that these comics although a comedy, is semi-canon to the main Genma Visage universe. The only difference is simply the genres of each title, in which one may portray the other in differently (i.e. Horror onto Rock, or Light hearted to Genma).

Whilst I'll do more funny shorts in the future, Rock Diggler, Incubiman, Sully and Shiki have recently been declared dead for spoiler-related reasons. I wonder why that could be?

Genma Visage and its related works are Copyright to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.