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  Age: 9000 years+

Species: Demigod (proto-Genma Visage, formerly a Shurokiu)

Origin: Shuromij

Affiliations: Jacobi Ninjakal, Britonum Warriors, Lost Nishin Genma faction of Shemsu-Hor

Alignment: Evil

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 0 Part 1

Powers \ Abilities: Telepathy and psychic attacks, power of resurrection and vast knowledge of psychic mutation and Nishin Genma's fighting style. More powers of a high threat level to be confirmed.

Favourite Bands: Scarab, Odious

Nishin Genma's very first Grandmaster over 9000 years ago was known only as the Light-bearer. While this person's true identity is a mystery even for Nishin Genma, the next in line for leadership was an unholy individual. In fact, Apep, leader of the lost Shemsu-Hor faction, was so wicked that his name was struck from history by the more benevolent successor, Apedemak, who did his best to lead Nishin Genma and the Shurokiu onto an altruistic path. Nevertheless, for his time, Apep was a pioneer in many medicines that the Shurokiu adapted and evolved throughout history. He was a renowned teacher of the psychic martial arts, a cartographer of alternate dimensions and hidden worlds, and the eventual connoisseur for conjuring the unthinkable from the abyss. Yes, Apep was the 9000-year-old founder of the Genma Visage ritual and Youkai creation that Nishin Genma's Secretive Elites would uncover and adapt eons later, and as such holds much influence over this saga's history.

Apep and his army followers journeyed to the desert lands of the Memphis Dimension 9000 years ago. Upon presenting magical gifts and wonders to the megalomaniac kings of Pharaonic dynasties, Apep quickly gained favours and sanctuary in the wealthy establishments of the great cities with the freedom to carry out unholy rituals and experiments in the false allegiance to the many gods of Amon-Ra. Using his accumulated research, the deaths of thousands of slaves led to the very first Genma Visages, that in bestial ultra power broke free from their restraint, slaughtering both Apep and the populace of the Memphis dimension before seemingly expiring from malnutrition. While modern Nishin Genma would make advanced improvements on the primitive technology of such magical artifacts, Apep's scriptures failed to disclose many secrets to his descendants including attunement to the very alchemy of the Universe which granted him life beyond death. Though his body was ritually entombed by mutant shamans of Shemsu Hor, his spirit lived on. At varying stages of strength, he monitored much of the development of the neighbouring worlds, in some cases even directly intervening in historical events. No one can be certain how much influence the legacy of Shemsu-Hor had across time and space. It is certain though that Apep intended to be reborn one day with far greater powers than before. Because of this, his contact with the modern descendants of Nishin Genma became more regular. Piece by piece over years Apep yielded the secrets of the Genma Visage while rebuilding old alliances with the progeny offspring of Shemsu-Hor scattered and buried in the ground across Planet Earth, Shuromij and the dead dimension of Memphis itself.

From beyond the sarcophagus that once entombed him, Apep has returned. His ambitions have tied into current events of Shuromij and Planet Earth. With the aim of supreme conquest over the lands of the living, his goal has adapted in scale and ambition to degrees unthinkable even beyond the massacre of the Memphis populace. Though he has little care for the well being of Nishin Genma's modern descendants, Apep seems to have forged estranged alliances with the factions of Jacobi and even Killer Chav herself. The details of their relationship are fogged in clarity and the question of who is dancing on whose strings goes on. Make no mistake, however. As the imbued creator of the Genma Visage and founder of all that Nishin Genma knew, Apep is probably the deadliest adversary in this saga.

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