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  Age: 38

Species: Shurokiu

Origin: Shuromij

Affiliations: Jacobi Ninjakal, Emerald Blood Gang

Alignment: Evil

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 1

Powers \ Abilities: Super Strength & Durability, Powerful Martial Arts including Fatal Pressure Point Blows.

Favourite Bands: N\A

It was inevitable that splintered divisions within the Bakakumas would arise. The aim of becoming the strongest in the world drove many to different paths, and the varying spoils of success placed further spins on their goals. The Emerald Blood gang were formed with their assistant Hui-Wan Shum on the outskirts between Mongolia and China, smuggling many goods to different nations including the city of Los Rokuma in the U.K. This collaboration of murderers is led by Behemoth, a gem-encrusted hulk well trained in many deadly martial arts designed to kill in one blow. A formidable fighter, Behemoth himself is a Shurokiu and remains well read on the news of his homeworld and Nishin Genma. The Emerald blood gang receive income from drug trafficking, but now Jacobi Ninjojakal’s factions are funding them with the sinister agenda to develop new breeds of narcotics. Beyond typical Bakakuma blood lust, one can shudder to think of the real reason as to why they behead the test subjects of these new kinds of super drugs...

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