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  Age: 35

Species: Human

Origin: Earth

Affiliations: The Bakakumas, Sorefanni militia

Alignment: Evil

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 0 Part 1

Powers \ Abilities: Reflex and Agility, Martial Arts including Fatal Strikes, "Boons" from the Sorefanni formula

Favourite Bands: N/A

The Bakakumas are renowned not just for their powerful martial arts but also their phallic aggression, and some champions manifest this in the most perverted way possible. When Ichi Sorefanni rose through Earth’s Bakakuma ranks, it was no small feat to earn the name Big Wong with his genital obsession and the bold claim that his fist was the strongest. He is also an academic genius, a rare talent among bullish fighters where brawn beats brain. Big Wong broke away from the main Bakakuma factions to form his own party, the Sorefanni Empire. This misshapen group of test subjects used the Sorefanni formula to transform into their avatars of choice, gaining huge boosts in power at the cost of sanity. Big Wong believed one is at full strength through total submission to totem gods and had outlandish success transforming the most misanthropic geeks of the internet and comic cons. With oversexed intent, Big Wong seeks to infiltrate the entertainment industry and build an army strong enough to shaft planet Earth good and proper. Most chilling of all is that the core ingredients of the Sorefanni formula are not Big Wong’s doing, nor has he fully questioned the routes of the gifts from the unknown interloper. As far as anyone knows, the source of this power is milked from the fangs of the serpent god himself...

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