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  Age: 60

Species: Youkai (Genma Visage mark 1, formerly a Shurokiu)

Origin: Shuromij

Affiliations: Nishin Genma

Alignment: Evil

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 3: The Vengeance of Caetzar

Powers \ Abilities: Increased Strength, Psychic Powers and telekinesis, Expertise with poisons, traps, espionage and infiltration.

Favourite Bands: Classical Shuromij Music

A former member of Nishin Genma's council, Caetzar is an intensely racist assassin with hatred towards those he deems weak and crippled, particularly the young Ryuken. After Caetzar's equally despicable son was slain by a Drago Visage that he provoked, in grief he pinpointed all of his anger and the blame onto Ryuken, and sought revenge for his loss. After Nishin Genma's downfall, Caetzar went into hiding but came out of the shadows when, burning with hatred, he mutated himself into a Youkai. Adopting the title Scythe Killer, he randomly and indiscriminately tests his abilities on the random civilians that get in his way, longing for the day he can face off against his true target, Ryuken. Caetzar's speciality is traps, and with the aid of his psychic mutations, he is crueler than ever.

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