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  Age: 148

Species: Shurokiu-Drago Visage-Cybernetic Construct

Origin: Shuromij

Affiliations: Zynda, Nishin Genma

Alignment: Evil

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 0 Part 1 (mentioned)

Powers \ Abilities: Extreme Super Strength and Endurance, Genius level skill in many Sciences, Augmentation with Cybernetic Weaponry, Mecha Transformation

Favourite Bands: Rammstein, Megaherz, Eisbrecher, KMFDM

The Former CEO of Zynda, a Shuromij-based corporation specialising in robotics, Chimera was a man with an unhealthy obsession with creating the ultimate life form. With ties to Nishin Genma, the Doctor deviated from those affiliations by experimenting with cybernetics and mutations with multiple species, effectively earning the name for himself and his subjects as Chimera. The doctor himself is many years old, having originally undergone cybernetic implants himself that combined his Shurokiu Drago Visage form with the preserved brain of his normal self.

As a recluse in the shadows away from the public eye, Dr. Chimera cherry-picked many subjects to experiment on throughout Shuromij and planet Earth over the years with results from positive to horrific. In time, his ambitions grew more sinister, maniacal and bold. When he gathered the final ingredient in his plan to create a cyber-mutant army, he staged a takeover of the Earth city of Tytronitek, while ransoming a royal Shuromij bloodline with an orphaned heir that he kidnapped in Tytronitek. His hasty plans were halted when against the odds he was defeated by Shiki Logan and her band of rebels. Dr. Chimera was presumed dead when his ship self-destructed in the rebel escape, but without a trace to be found, nothing can be confirmed...and did the mad doctor have an even bigger plan at works behind the scene the whole time?...

Genma Visage and its related works are Copyright © to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.