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  Age: 148

Species: Shurokiu-Drago Visage-Cybernetic Construct

Origin: Shuromij

Affiliations: Zynda, Nishin Genma

Alignment: Evil

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 0 Part 1 (mentioned)

Powers \ Abilities: Extreme Super Strength and Endurance, Genius level skill in many Sciences, Augmentation with Cybernetic Weaponry, Mecha Transformation

Favourite Bands: Rammstein, Megaherz, Eisbrecher, KMFDM

Dr Chimera was the former wealthy CEO of Zynda, a Shuromij-based megacorporation specialising in robotics and space travel. For all his wisdom and expertise, Chimera was a creatively eccentric man with an unhealthy obsession with creating the ultimate life form and much more. With ties to Nishin Genma, the Doctor instead focused on cybernetics as much as mutations with multiple species, effectively living up to his surname. Chimera has lived for over a century due to, at the peak of his old age, a high-risk experiment involving cybernetic implants, his stimulated Drago Visage form, and his separated living brain upgraded into the secure metal skull of a combined robotic infrastructure. The results were too turbulent to mass produce and the creator was too proud as a sole successor to continue. From a certain angle of historical hindsight, Dr Chimera had become a Genma Visage Demigod long before the modern Nishin Genma reached such feats at the time, much to their envy.

As a bizarre, enigmatic recluse in the shadows, scheming away from the public eye, Dr. Chimera cherry-picked many subjects to experiment on throughout Shuromij and planet Earth. Over the years, the results ranged from formidable to horrific. In time, his ambitions grew more sinister, maniacal and bold. Upon gathering the final ingredient in his plan to create a cyber-mutant army, he staged a takeover of the Earth city of Tytronitek. There, he ransomed a royal Shuromij bloodline when he kidnapped their lost heir Sophia, who had been living in Tyronitek the whole time. His hasty plans were halted when Shiki Logan and her band of rebels mounted a counter-offence against the odds. Dr Chimera was presumed dead when his ship self-destructed in the rebel's escape, but without a trace to be found, nothing can be confirmed...and did the mad doctor have an even bigger plan at works behind the scenes of this whole perplexing affair?...

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