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  Age: Older than man...Older than the stars?

Species: Demon Overlord

Origin: The Underworld

Affiliations: The Grail Horde and any resource he can get his claws on!

Alignment: Evil

First Appearance: Genma Visage: The Animated Pilot (mentioned

Powers \ Abilities: Super Strength and Endurance, Psychic Powers, Necromancy and Black magic, Size growth, Astroprojection and Spirit form, Resurrection capabilities (with the right conditions).

Favourite Bands: The cacophonic wailing of the despairful damned...

A primary antagonist second only to Jacobi in villainy, Grail is an ancient demon from the hellish realms on a quest to conquer Earth with his undead legions. Though he was slain and defeated by the less contemptible of the Ancestors to Nishin Genma millennia ago and much of his army decimated, in the spirit world Grail's plans for chaos has only grown stronger over time. With Nishin Genma out of the way, his plans to restore his undead legions may soon be upon the world when he finds an ideal host to be reborn in, although he has yet to face off against a survivor of the Genma Visage ritual...

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