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  Age: 9000 years+

Species: Demigod (proto-Genma Visage, formerly a Memphisian Human)

Origin: Memphis Dimension

Affiliations: Lost Nishin Genma faction of Shemsu-Hor

Alignment: Unwillingly Evil

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 1 (Cameos in Book 0)

Powers \ Abilities: Super Strength and Endurance, energy blasts and further psychic weaponry weaponry, nigh spiritual immortality thanks to mystic seal

Favourite Bands: N\A

Heket was once a servant girl dancing and entertaining the nobles of the ancient lands within the Memphis dimension. Enchanted by one such noble close to the royal temples, he promised Heket that she could be so much more if she would only follow him and put her faith in the right people. The trap was sprung, and the wailing dancer fell into the clutches of early Nishin Genma pilgrims to the Memphis Dimension in search of test subjects for their very first attempts at the Genma Visage ritual. The experimentation proved successful. She slaughtered many to the delight of those Nishin Genma masters, but she gained sentience and turned on her masters, tearing them to pieces. The secret to her bodily sustenance died with them, leaving her to eventually perish in physical form. Now Heket’s soul haunts her own sarcophagus, forever guided by lobotomised Youkai tomb guards who follow her tomb wherever it may go. Time will only tell if her spirit will be free, for a bad fate awaits all those who open the lid of her coffin...

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