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  Age: 56

Species: ArchXehinoz

Origin: Earth's core and Krugeri Island

Affiliations: Cult of Lamia, Underground wrestling Circuit.

Alignment: Good \ Neutral

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 1 (cameo and mentioned)

Powers \ Abilities: Extreme Super Strength and Endurance, Limited Regenerative \ Psychic Powers, Acute sense of smell, resistant to molten lava, capable of breathing fire.

Favourite Bands: Byfrost, Mithras, Early Morbid Angel, Mastodon, Taake, Bal-Sagoth, Heidevolk, Taake.

Archxehinoz, Cave troll, Husband, Father, Cult of Lamia member, and hero of the underground, Hiero has led quite a life to forge his legend.

Born deep underground close to Earth's core, Hiero was a member of a slave race that served the oppressive Xehinoz creatures. Archxehinoz were originally stupid creatures, but Hiero was of a genetic generation that grew highly intelligent and physically stronger. He himself developed alarming ESP powers. In a grand revolution, the Archxehinoz overthrew their masters and Hiero used his powers to lead his kind to safer shores on Krugeri Island. Although regarded as a hero among his people, Hiero shunned the chance to govern their newfound settlement in favour of exploring Planet Earth, wishing to discover the truth behind the powers growing within his fists. Hiero focused on his ESP training to boost his already impressive might to succeed in his underground wrestling career, crushing many a super strong foe in his path. Whilst the term Demigod is often applied to successors of the Genma Visage ritual, it can also refer to those who have risen to a pinnacle of power, and Hiero's strength is more than a match for many Titans to date.

The rest is history for Hiero; after winning victory after victory, prize after prize, the biggest challenge the wealthy troll faces is a losing battle with alcohol, cigars, and boredom. Hiero was once a rival to Ryuken in the underground pit wrestling tournaments, but has since become a friend and mentor to him and others who trust his tipsy guidance.

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