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  Age: 23

Species: Youkai (sentient human hybrid)

Origin: Earth

Affiliations: Jimmy Wizardkid incorporated

Alignment: Good

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 0 Part 1 (cameo)

Powers \ Abilities: Enhanced Speed, Strength and Agility, Dark Energies, Mutant Appendages for Weapons

Favourite Bands: Mortiis

Makis Valentine was orphaned at a young age. He never found out about his obscure ancestry and perhaps it was for the best, for the legendary Shurokiu serial killer Dr Varantyne sits among his family tree. Makis was a God-fearing man, but poverty and desperation on the meaner alleys of Greece forced him onto the wrong side of the law. Incarcerated for a gang-related stabbing which left him blind from an acid attack, Makis was bound in a jail truck along with future friends Sulley and Rock Diggler. They were heading to the maximum security prison Korydallos when supernatural forces attacked the truck killing the prisoners and wardens. Makis, Rock, and Sulley escaped with their lives into a disclosed, beautiful, eerily-lit countryside in the dead of night. The 3 were lured into a seductive trap by the voluptuous all-female population of the town and captured immediately.

Revealed to be working for Zynda and Dr. Chimera, these Succubi hybrid ladies marked a departure from the megacorporation’s trademark for cybernetics. Dr Chimera had adventures with wormhole exploration as well as knowledge of the Netherworlds and the Kemet fluids that were used to create the Youkai. Using the 3 men as test subjects, Dr. Chimera initiated project Incubiman with a twist to Nishin Genma’s take on psychic mutation. Normally Youkai lose their identity when mutated into super-powered beings and give in to maddening, homicidal bloodlusts. Yet with Dr. Chimera’s private revolution in alchemy, his subjects were able to maintain their free will. Chimera had intentions to lobotomise them later like his cyborg legions but for a time he was most keen on how these sentient subjects behaved under his experimentation.

Makis was the only one to yield significant power boosts in his twisted mutation, his eyesight restored while he was continuously seduced by the Succubi women to bring out further boons of power. It was only when the lives of his two companions were endangered that he finally broke free from Zynda’s grasp, in part driven by past religious values to redeem himself. Made aware that the former populace of the village was butchered to make way for Chimera’s goons, Makis took his friends and carved a path of destruction with his dark powers to freedom, burning the laboratory down in the process. Dr. Chimera escaped without harm. He had learnt all he needed with his experiments and now had his eyes set once more on Tytronitek city.

Reborn as Incubiman, it was sheer luck that enabled the hideous mutant to immigrate to the UK. Yet over the years movements attempting to change the attitudes of the people towards indifference along with his clear kind nature and academic capabilities helped the man break the ice. Makis had the traits for a strong anti-hero, but his passive nature prevented him from venting out his powers save for the most desperate of times. Nevertheless, during the onslaught to protect his friends during the masked crazy crisis in the U.K, Incubiman put up a good fight before the superhuman Hunter Chav, but soon died by the Murderer’s blade.

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