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  Age: 55 (Soul Age 200)

Species: Shurokiu (Demigod)

Origin: Shuromij

Affiliations: Shogun Empire, Jaded Shadow industries, Emerald Voyage Research

Alignment: Evil

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 1

Powers \ Abilities: Unknown. (Extremely dangerous implications.)

Favourite Bands: Akercocke, Behemoth, Belphegor, Winterfylleth, Enslaved, Rudra, Asura, Damaar, Janaza, The Meads of Asphodel.

The Pinnacle villain of the series so far, Jacobi considers himself to be the most down to Earth of Megalomaniacs, yet it's when he is down on Earth that he does the most damage. Jacobi was once a cadet for Nishin Genma's initiation program on Shuromij, before parting ways for a career in Archaeology, Pharmaceuticals, and Teaching. At some point, he also taught history to Ryuken as well.

At the precise time of the murder of Ryuken's parents, Jacobi faked his own death to become an invisible member of Nishin Genma's inner circle. He was granted boons of strength and psychic prowess by their special formulas. Hidden right under the noses of Ryuken and the other cadets, Jacobi would oversee all the operations of his new colleagues, grasping the true horrific underbelly of Nishin Genma's motives while secretly harbouring ambitions of his own. Having learned all their possible secrets over the years, Jacobi betrayed Nishin Genma and everyone around him at the peak of the Genma Visage experiments. He fled to Earth, leaving behind a trail of destruction in his wake. All the years developing an initiative of his own has enabled Jacobi to remain the most elusive of Ryuken's enemies, and no hero can help but assume that dealing with Jacobi is like walking into a trap set by the devil himself.

With ambitions of ruling the Solar System and beyond, Jacobi's war machine runs on the blood of the innocent, the manipulation of his enemies, and the next generation of psychic viral engineering that will prove to be the biggest threat of all to the Shurokiu, humanity and everything else. Having undertaken a ritual that appears to be a formidable Genma Visage MK.3, Jacobi wields exceedingly godlike strength, and even the heartiest of heroes are unsure if he can be beaten....

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