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  Age: 53

Species: Youkai

Origin: Earth

Affiliations: Monstro Corpz, Nightmare Works, Demonation, Red Lacerated Sky

Alignment: Evil

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 3: Monstro Corps

Powers \ Abilities: Increased strength, Skilled use of Dimensional travel and use of Babylonian War Machines.

Favourite Band: Randy Newman

Supreme leader of a Youkai group Monstro Corpz, Johnny Lacerator seeks the legendary Babylonian war machines that draw power from the screams of children. He hired the most loathsome of paedophiles to exercise extreme cruelty onto those kids to get those screams, using dimensional travel to cleanly get the molesters in and out of the scene of the crime. Ryuken and Zulie are on the hunt for these vile monsters, for Ryuken fears that there is more than one monster taking the name and form of Johnny Lacerator.

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