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  Age: Middle Age

Species: Human?

Origin: Earth

Affiliations: Britonum Warriors, Apep

Alignment: Evil

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 0 Part 1

Powers \ Abilities: Super Strength, speed and endurance, expert arms wielding, telepathy

Favourite Bands: Whatever toilet the X-factor throws at us these days...

Law and Disorder, Police and Gangs, Politicians and Criminals, it is often spouted that these are all part of the same rotten coin of disarray, but who is to say how often this analogy takes an unsettling obvious physical form? Known simply as Hunter and Killer Chav, the deadly duo have waved supernatural charisma over the British government who granted them police and judicial powers for the perceived threat of the Masked Crazy Crisis. As the new rulers of Britain, Killer acts as the smarts and Hunter the formidable muscle as they arm gangs and dangerous convicts to unleash a reign of terror across the land. Named after the fallen Isle that went up in smoke 8 years before, the Britonum Warriors as the legion is called rally the masses around a flag of false, sugar-coated security, appealing to the greedy natures of failing judicial and rehabilitation institutes to aid the Warrior’s conquest.

The term Masked Crazy is a watered down phrase to describe actual monsters and non-humans in hiding across England, as well as masked vigilantes, would be heroes who dare stand up to the Britonum Warriors or anyone who just looks different. Whether the monsters are dangerous to the people can only be judged on a case by case basis. No one is safe in a totalitarian regime that needs subjugated enemies to stay afloat, that allows their criminal ranks to commit outrageous crimes of looting, vandalism, and violence without restraint, of which countless innocents have perished at an alarming rate.

Killer and Hunter Chav have glamour over society through pop culture and fashion, and they’ve blown away traditional political, social differences, but their ruthless lust for control is all too clear for few wide open eyes. However, the real nature of their powers is an enigma. The Chavs are a force to be reckoned with to have taken down noteworthy opponents like Shiki Logan. Now the Britonum Warriors have caught the attention of stronger foes, especially those wary of how Killer and Hunter Chav slipped through everyone’s fingers to quickly influence the government, and those most learned on the true history of their Britonum city namesake...

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