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  Age: 48

Species: Human

Origin: Earth

Affiliations: Katoyika cuisine

Alignment: Good

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 2: Kiss from a Rose

Powers \ Abilities: Vast Knowledge and Skill in Martial Arts, Athelitic physical powess, Grandmaster of the Kawinjura Staff fighting style.

Favourite Bands: Gackt

Friend and gentle rival to Ryuken, Kouryu was once a sworn enemy of the hero during a period the Earth's history called the Britonum war. Realising that they were in truth "on the same side", Kouryu and Ryuken joined forces to flee the burning isle of Britonum in the last days of the war, ensuring the safety of the refugees. When not engaging in vigilante activities or tagging along to Ryuken's investigations, Kouryu helps his brother Genjuro Katoyika who runs a small restaurant chain in London. Kouryu practices the Kawinjura fighting style that utilises magic with the crushing blows of his staff mastery.

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