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  Age: Believed to be in his early 50s

Species: Human ESP Cyborg

Origin: Earth

Affiliations: Anonymous Arms Dealing Empire (dismantled), Various amusement enterprises and charities across England.

Alignment: Evil

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 2

Powers \ Abilities: Super Strength Agility and Endurance, Cyborg mechanisms, Attunement with Energy weapons.

Favourite Bands: White Lion, Lisa Lougheed, Shuki Levy, Ken Barrie, Myfanwy Talog, Priss and the Replicants, Carbone and Zito, Madness.

Almost no one knows who Mantaklaw was before his ESP Cybernetic Enhancement, only the legend he would become. Years ago, Mantaklaw was once a hardened criminal who fled to an uncharted island out in the Pacific. There, lost and disowned by civilisation, the young man uncovered ancient technology of Onca Byakkogunrokun origin. The Architects of the Onca legends claimed these were the tools for creating the ultimate battle armour, combining ancient ESP cybernetics with symbiotic ooze that assimilates and reconstructs the hosts DNA. Already skilled in mechanics and engineering, almost having a spiritual bond with the Onca spirits to lead him through, he quickly put the technology to the test.

Soon, having merged with the Onca cybernetics, the young man was reborn as the Mighty Mantaklaw, a sworn burden to the human race. His first act of power was to destroy the Onca technology that created him so that only he alone would know of its secrets. Traveling back to civilisation, Mantaklaw forged an empire in Arms Dealing, falling back on his super strength and cybernetic weapons as a defensive measure. He regularly flexed his muscles against rivals for power, hit-men and government agents sent his way, crushing them within his gauntlet's grip. Unopposed, Mantaklaw earned a period of wealth, gaining riches and acquiring a vast rogues gallery of super-villainous allies. Eventually, Mantaklaw transferred his secret headquarters to the English Isle of Britonum, ran by its own government coalition of the megacorporations. Mantaklaw believed this would be a wise investment as the megacorporations there would be his to exploit. But this was his downfall.

With his skirmishes failing one after the other and close companions were slain by the far greater evils within Britonum, for the first time Mantaklaw found himself truly meditating on his ambitions for power and wealth in a constantly changing world. Although he still persisted in trying to conquer the Isle, he faced a constant thorn in the side in the form of Mr Carnifex, a masked vigilante whose martial skill and weaponry was the first match to Mantaklaw’s power he had faced. Mr Carnifex eventually perished in a suicide attack against a lynch mob, but double trouble struck when a regiment of Nishin Genma’s Operatives arrived in Britonum to bring down the megacorporations and Mantaklaw's empire. When the last of his schemes was botched, the Nishin Genma agents had Mantaklaw and his flunkies thrown in jail, and he has carried a bitter hatred of them since. Fortunately for him, the Nishin Genma operatives stationed to tame the city were slain by the manipulated brain-washed mobs of Britonum, and a Great Fire of unknown origin swept through the entire city, killing all in its wake.

Presented with a chance to escape, Mantaklaw and his remaining henchmen fled across the channel to France, though they were quickly arrested in their weakened state and deported back to England. In a further twist of luck, criminal rivals had seized and dispersed Mantaklaw's riches, meaning although the Onca cyborg was flat broke, all incriminating evidence against him had effectively been destroyed, leaving him off the hook for past crimes and releasing him on bail. What's more, as Mantaklaw had survived the destruction of the "highly regarded" isle of Britonum by an unwary public, his anonymous image was new to England. Mantaklaw used this to his advantage to wipe the slate clean. Through community services, culminated charities, public support, and careful investments, Mantaklaw went from rags to moderate riches; acquiring ownership of a chain of theme parks and toy stores across Britain.

Having seemingly settled down, one might think he would be content with his good fortune. Yet, there is always chance that Mantaklaw will come out of retirement to relive the glory days of his criminal empire and the love for adventure that drove him in the first place.

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