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  Age: 42

Species: Cyber-Hybrid Mutant

Origin: Earth

Affiliations: Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Alignment: Good

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 0 Part 1 (cameo)

Powers \ Abilities: Enhanced Strength and Speed, Firearm Skills and Army Training

Favourite Bands: Sonic Mayhem, Frontline Assembly, Straylight productions, Mick Gordon

A radical violent punk ravaging the education system, Max J was feared even by the notorious Mr. Tamano, and the reprisal from Shiki Logan’s adoptive parents-to-be did little to deter the man’s ways. Apprehended after a violent bank robbery, dubious loopholes in Tytronitek’s judicial system at the time gave Max the choice of the army over jail when the Russian government was recruiting for covert operations in the Middle East. Max was believed to have been killed in action, but his body was captured and experimented on by the secretive faction that the military was up against. Zynda had been another benefactor for rebels, militant groups and government forces alike on planet Earth’s war zones, but Dr. Chimera’s own forces had a unique identity not just in cybernetics but also gene splicing. He mutated Max into a hybrid of steel, velociraptor DNA and even Shurokiu Drago Visage mutations.

For a while, he was fully lobotomised from the ordeal, but Max escaped activity and made his way back to Tytronitek, whereupon revealing his identity and his mutant form he was shunned by his own mother. Devastated, Max Juggernaut he was briefly taken in by a young Shiki Logan who showed him kindness, but hostilities from her parents, familiar with his identity forced him to flee to the Siberian wilderness. Touched by the young girl’s pity he made a vow to look out for her wherever he could, but for the next 10 years, he remained hidden in isolation, learning to survive on his own, avoiding whatever authorities that would come after him.

In the saga of leading up to Tytronitek’s takeover, Max was recaptured by Dr. Chimera’s forces. They rewired mind controls into the Hybrid’s brain to serve the Doctor in his personal armed guard, the Sons of Chimera. During the takeover of the city, even in a weakened state, Shiki Logan still had pity and saw a potential ally in her old lobotomised friend. In the end, it was the resilient memories of her kindness that overworked the mind controls and freed Max Juggernaut from Dr. Chimera’s clutches in a surprise turn of the table. Zynda’s control over Tytronitek was no more and the rebels who fought for the city’s freedom were hailed as heroes. Tytronitek’s authorities had no idea that Max was the same man who committed the robbery 16 years before, but by then, he had been purged of his criminal ways and sought to become a protector of his new friends as penitence (although his rivalry with Tamano goes on).

When Shiki Logan joined Russia’s special services, Max followed to serve as a lookout and adviser wherever he could, but the ruthlessness of the Britonum warriors who pursued them was unthinkable. Despite his military training and upgrades, Max met his end in England during the Masked Crazy Crisis, beheaded by Hunter Chav himself with a simple stroke.

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