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  Age: 39

Species: Cybernetic Human

Origin: Earth

Affiliations: Tytronitek High, Jo's Diner

Alignment: Good

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 0 Part 1

Powers \ Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Speed and Durability, use of Volleyballs as Weapons, training from Shiki Logan

Favourite Bands: Alice in Chains

A freak Alligator accident immeasurably scarred Yavuz Tamano as a child, forcing him to undertake a multitude of treatments. It was fortunate at the time that a shady tech company operated on him and continued to upgrade the boy with the next generation of cybernetics. Little did anyone realise that this company was none other than the sinister interplanetary group Zynda, whose leader Dr. Chimera attached puppet strings onto the surgeries he personally oversaw.

In a bid to build esteem, Tamano worked out hard, growing up to be a neighbourhood bully and later becoming a feared gym teacher in Tytronitek high. When Shiki Logan first became a student there, hidden programming activated a kill mode in Tamano’s robot side of the brain, forcing him to attack the girl without mercy. But Shiki’s super strength overwhelmed Tamano and she not only defeated the cyborg but she broke the hardware that fed Chimera’s mind control into his brain. The veil was removed from Tamano’s eyes, and he wondered if he really needed cybernetics from there on. After the scandal came and went, during the events leading up to the Battle for Tytronitek, Tamano was revealed to be a coward at heart, yet Shiki took pity on him. From bully to ally, Tamano learned the error of his ways and the teacher became the student. Shiki, from her own training in estranged Tibetan martial arts through her adoptive mother, taught her own gym teacher how to fight and exceed his already impressive feats of strength. While his pithy attitude has never been far away, like the others, Tamano grew to see the angelic Shiki as an icon that taught him not to judge others nor measure his limits by what other people think.

Years later, after serving by Shiki’s side in the rebellion against Zynda and the surgeon who operated on him, Tamano received ghastly news of his young mentor’s murder by the hands of Hunter Chav during the masked crazy epidemic. Bidding farewell to his girlfriend Miss Chihiro, Tamano journeyed off to England, hoping his training would serve him well as he seeks vengeance for his late hero.

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