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  Age: 22

Species: Human

Origin: Earth

Affiliations: Los Rokuma Metropolitan, Jaded Shadow Industries

Alignment: Unknown

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 2

Powers \ Abilities: Unknown

Favourite Bands: N\A

Nothing stands out of the ordinary for the young architect of a humble upbringing. True, Paul Oryon studies at Los Rokuma Metropolitan and goes to work in a city not just besieged by a high crime rate and the insufferable Bakakuma threat. Yet all the while, upon accepting a contract for Jaded shadow industries, drawn in by the seductive lures of the executive of the board, Lumriya Jezebel, it’s anyone's guess if Oryon has truly questioned the business and its C.E.O that he’s getting involved with. Jacobi and his many factions certainly don’t take a major interest in individuals for nothing. After all, the name Oryon has a certain connotation relevant in the Shurokiu’s archaeological past, but what does Jacobi see in this man that others don’t?

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