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  Age: 34

Species: Youkai (sentient human hybrid)

Origin: Earth

Affiliations: Jimmy Wizardkid incorporated

Alignment: Good

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 0 Part 1 (cameo)

Powers \ Abilities: None

Favourite Bands: Godsmack, Aswad

Hossein Barakat was once a huge lecher and a wanted felon on the streets of Morocco. He took on the handle Rock Diggler from his admiration for American culture (and pornography) that eventually conditioned his own voice into a Brooklyn accent. While living in Greece, Rock was arrested on a charge of statutory rape and sentenced to Athens maximum security prison Korydallos. A lifetime friendship was born when he met Makis Valentine and Sulley Olsemo in the jail transport truck, and their ties would soon be tested. On route to the prison in the secluded countryside, the truck was thrown down a hill by an invasive party and the 3 friends were later apprehended by beautiful sirens that appealed to Rock’s libido. These Sirens were in fact hybrids created by Dr. Chimera, and he would now use the trio as subjects to his own brand of psychic mutation.

Rock Diggler was bound and transformed into a rabbit-like creature perhaps symbolising the nymphomaniac side to his spirit animal. Being denied sexual services by the Succubi captors for his failure to generate powers infuriated Rock Diggler to no end. Yet amidst all the horrific experiments on civilians, a moral compass was beginning to give direction to the once proud pervert. While the fairer sex still caught the gleam of his beady eyes, nearly facing death and the life-changing mutation compelled the man to clean up his act. A chance for freedom gave Rock the chance to prove himself when Makis Valentine, now the creature Incubiman, broke free from his shackles and blasted his friends out of the laboratory. The satisfied Dr. Chimera didn’t give chase, however, for his golden geese were to be found on different shores.

Rock looked after his fellow fugitives whenever he could, as he led them through Europe to seek a friend in the U.K. The silver lining of being mutated meant that Rock no longer had ties to his former felon identity. It was good fortune that the trio was able to infiltrate the ludicrously decorative SJW protests in Dover port. However, it was only through performing ridiculous favours the trio seldom talk about for a lawfully dubious admin of Wizardkid Media Incorporated that enabled them to gain a visa for U.K. residence. Rock Diggler then went onto a career in writing based on his travels, with a wealth of inspiration at hand, of which some of the proceeds of his successful book sales went into charities to treat various sexual diseases.

It was fair to say that Rock Diggler went from sinner to redeemed gentlemen. Sadly, in the chaos of the Masked Crazy crisis, he was murdered along with his friends by the forces of Hunter Chav.

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