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  Age: 24 (50 in Soul Years)

Species: Shurokiu (Demigod)

Origin: Shuromij

Affiliations: Formerly Nishin Genma, Mano Labs for Mind body and ESP therapies.

Alignment: Good

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 1

Powers \ Abilities: Superhuman strength and Agility, Extreme Endurance to Injury and Pain, an arsenal of Arcane Psychic Powers and Ninja Sorcery, Mastery of Telekinetic Blades and Psycholightning, Nishin Genma's War Frenzy, Apophis Form.

Favourite Bands: Testament, Judas Priest, Vader, Death, Obituary, Nile, Sarpanitum, Scythian.

The primary successor of the Genma Visage is also one of its most violated guinea pigs. Born a Shurokiu with a rigged destiny, Ryuken Orca Kage was a Psychic warrior in Nishin Genma's employ before unholy experimentation transformed him into their ultimate weapon. His ancestry can be traced back to the dreaded Bakakuma legions, the sworn enemies of the Shurokiu and Nishin Genma. Coupled with being born with the equally despised therianthropic disease Dragohaemophilia, Ryuken's childhood was fraught with friction between himself, his kinsmen, Nishin Genma members, the Bakakumas and even his own parents. But the greatest tragedy of all would strike a mortal blow on Ryuken's innocence on his tenth year.

During his first visit to planet Earth, his mother and father, Ran and LiShen Kage took the young Ryuken to an isolated wilderness to train him, but in a surprise ambush, the two were butchered before the boy's eyes by members of an ancient, relic race of savage monsters. Known as the Chovmods, these brutally strong, shape-shifting abominations had sheer hatred for the humans, the Shurokiu and Nishin Genma, and killed them on sight. They castrated the lifeless body of LiShen and defecated on Ran's. They pummelled the inexperienced Ryuken into the ground. Beaten, broken, tortured and urinated on, Ryuken could do nothing as they finally impaled him with a large spear. Overwhelmed with oceans of pain and anxiety, the Drago Visage that Ryuken spent years trying to prevent was finally triggered, transforming him into the uncontrollable reptilian beast the Shurokiu feared the most. Spear embedded in chest, in overwhelming ferocity he tore the Chovmods limb from limb and devoured their entrails. Come sunrise in the wake of primordial carnage, the creature took a step out into the open, howling its ravaged, traumatic birth in the Earth wilderness. Its civilised mind had been blown away like rotting leaves.

By the time the agents of Nishin Genma found Ryuken, he had changed back to his Shurokiu form and the spear had been removed. To their amazement, his chest wound had fully healed, leaving behind a gaping, symbolic scar. This speed of regeneration was unheard of even among Nishin Genma initiates. Yet the horrid memories of the night before seeped back into Ryuken's catatonic mind. It's anyone's guess if Ryuken’s mental wounds would ever heal from the experience, but in time, his compassion for his people, the common folk and his brooding love for lady Usheana helped him develop an unshakeable will to survive.

After the funerary services on Shuromij for his parents and the late Jacobi, Ryuken continued his training, specialising in Nishin Genma's more advanced, arcane psychic sorcery. As well as telekinesis, psychic electricity, and the dark arts, Ryuken tempered his body's endurance to survive and shrug off punishment that would kill a man many times outright. Ryuken’s goal was to never feel pain again, but fate and future foes would once more prove him wrong.

At age 16, Ryuken and his close regimental companions were sent to Earth to tame the war-torn city of Britonum and keep a secret peace between humanity and Shurokiu. There, Ryuken learned a lesson in humility, unable to save his friends from systematic slaughter by the barbarically lobotomised legions of Britonum's civilians. Stranded on Earth with the lines of good and evil blurred, Ryuken felt the same woeful solitude he felt 6 years before with his parent’s murder. Britonum city soon imploded with self-destruction, and though Ryuken succeeded in getting a fraction of innocent prisoners out alive, he was left a broken man. Nishin Genma decided then that Ryuken's battle-hardened experience made him ready to undertake their final experiment. They promised him enticingly that the Genma Visage would cure Ryuken of his Dragohaemophilia forever. In a dire state, and blackmailed with the safety of his lover Usheana, he accepted their offer without hesitation.

Nishin Genma's inner circles were resistant to mind reading, and Ryuken didn’t see the real trap until it was too late. Bound against his will to Nishin Genma's unholy machinery, Ryuken was tested on with a fusion of modern Psychic mutative technology and ancient sorcery. Ryuken's very soul was baptised in the black fires of Hades as the sarcophagus trappings harnessed this power and forged it into his living body, revitalising his cells beyond all recognition. Whereas countless others perished in these experiments, Ryuken survived twice over but didn’t yield the full transformation Nishin Genma hoped for. Disappointed but content knowing that they found another golden goose, Nishin Genma decided they could learn more from Ryuken’s pain before they disposed of him. It was then the Superiors told the real tale of Nishin Genmas’ 9000-year-old history and their ambition to create the ultimate weapon and conquer all.

The Elites revealed to Ryuken that all the demonic summons and Youkai creation over the years were really Nishin Genma's doing; the Shurokiu’s torment served their greater ambition. Another of their test runs was Ryuken's father, LiShen, whose famed strength and combat merit was really all thanks to a concocted drug known as the Gilgamesh formula. This gave the user superhuman strength, granting LiShen a false, easy victory over the other students in his initiation into Nishin Genma. It was the Elite’s aim for LiShen to father a son through a selected wife that would not only inherit his strengths but vastly improve them. Instead, the Gilgamesh formula backfired, infecting LiShen's genes, weakening his sperm and contaminating the newborn Ryuken with Dragohaemophilia. Their experiments rendered a complete failure, the Nishin Genma Elites decided to learn all they could from Ryuken's inferior inheritance, waiting until he was aged 10 and then arranging a trip for him to Earth. There, the Elites found an uneasy arrangement with the Chovmod creatures, another of Nishin Genma's old creations, to have the Kage family assassinated. That Ryuken survived renewed Nishin Genma's interest in using the boy in preparation for the run-up to the newest breed of Genma Visage Demigods.

As the Elites were finalising the last stages in creating the ultimate weapon, Nishin Genma’s duty to the people was just a feigned oath as they made moves to overthrow the Shurokiu government. The Britonum War was the perfect excuse to purge their unwanted operatives by sending them on suicide missions to Earth while testing Ryuken's endurance powers as the last preparation for the Genma Visage ritual. In the end, despite their efforts and all that Ryuken achieved, he didn’t ascend to DemiGodhood. The Gilgamesh formula made Ryuken's life a failure and they were now interested in their other prize captive, none other than Ryuken's girlfriend, Usheana Mano.

Having served his purpose, Ryuken was cast into the incinerator. Overwhelmed that his life was a joke, his comrades dying for nothing, it was the sadness of losing Usheana that finally drove Ryuken over the edge. Flames consumed his body, but his scream for vengeance unearthed powers that had lied dormant since the Genma Visage ritual. Breaking free from his shackles, Ryuken sprang forth from the incinerator, landing just before the Nishin Genma elites.

Ryuken's body dissolved into a dungheap pile across the ground. Suddenly, a taloned hand burst free from the primordial cocoon as a newborn creature emerged. Like the Khepri Beetle of old, the Mutant Demigod Ryuken Kage had come into being.

He outstretched the Ectoplasmic wings from his hands as the Nishin Genma Elites were the first to praise Ryuken's succession. They were also the first to die. All their decades of Psychic training and precautionary measures were futile against the deepest powers of a Genma Visage demigod. They were not up against a raging beast, but a sentient being exercising a conscious will for justice through sheer skill. And as time had no meaning in the Netherworld, the Nishin Genma Elite were not looking at a young man, but an aged creature already bestowed with the wisdom of the veterans of old.

With his power amplified through the baptism in fire, the Elites knew they faced an unbeatable foe. When it was all over, Ryuken was surrounded by their brutalised corpses. His first thought was to find Usheana. Breaking down containment after containment, he found her dying in her last moments. Someone had beaten the Nishin Genma Elites to it, infecting her and others in captivity with an impregnable virus of unknown origin. As Ryuken desperately clung on to Usheana, begging fate and all gods of mercy to have pity, she uttered 3 last words "It was Jacobi..." before sinking deep into an invulnerable coma.

Hope was not lost. Ryuken attached Usheana to a Cryogenic Life support machine to keep her constantly sustained while he searched for a cure and the man behind the virus, the manipulative Jacobi Ninjojakal.

In time, various trials and failures in trying to cure Usheana would test Ryuken's spirit to the breaking point, but he would not give up on the only family he had left. As he stepped out in the Shuromij wilderness, he knew that Nishin Genma's vile legacy was heaped upon the Shurokiu. The plague of the Youkai and the mad scientists who create them threaten his people, and although the Shurokiu resented Ryuken for being a part of Nishin Genma's history, he knew there was much work to be done, come Hell, High Water or Planet Earth.

Empowered and mutated, Ryuken took contentment with one last fact. He had cured himself of the Dragohaemophilia and was free to write his own destiny.

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