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  Age: 24 (Time of Death)

Species: Human Supersoldier Experiment

Origin: Shuromij

Affiliations: Tibetan Monkhood, several World Wrestling Circuits, Tytronitek High, Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Alignment: Good

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 0 Part 1 (mentioned)

Powers \ Abilities: Super Strength Speed and Endurance, excelling prowess in Martial arts and Weaponry.

Favourite Bands: Oblivion Machine, Illidiance, Seecrees.

The heroine of Tytronitek City, Shiki was once an orphaned baby who fell from the stars into the outskirts of Tytronitek, a Siberian city that was destroyed by an asteroid over a hundred years prior. Raised by a Scandinavian wrestler and a Tibetan Geisha, although human it was soon apparent to her adoptive parents that Shiki had inherited unnatural super strength from unknown sources. Throughout her life, with a strong moral compass, she used her powers only for good, clashing frequently with multiple villains including the infamous Mantaklaw.

In her late teens during her time at school, Shiki was tested to the extreme by several super-powered assassins sent by the leader of Zynda, Dr Chimera, to gather Intel on her prowess. Eventually, she was confronted by Chimera himself who gained the upper hand, before she was saved and whisked away by a Shuromij agent called Chiatzu. From him, Shiki learned that as a baby she was a test subject for one of Nishin Genma's super-soldier projects, namely the Gilgamesh formula. There was a noteworthy death toll in the rather mixed success rate of this formula, and Nishin Genma attempted a cover-up by disposing of all subjects. Before they perished, Shiki's real parents sent her and her fellow test subject Sophia to Earth in an escape pod when they were still newborns. Nishin Genma believed the two infants had been blasted into the oblivion of outer space, and so they never followed them up.

Still, with new knowledge and weapons, Shiki Logan recovered from her injuries and led a coup against Dr Chimera who had taken over Tytronitek city, himself a former acquaintance of Nishin Genma acting on his own accord. Overthrowing the Tyrant on his throne, she earned great respect from the people of her city, as well as interest from the Russian government. In the later years, Shiki Logan worked as an agent for her Motherland, targeting special monsters, and making many new friends along the way. Sadly and most tragically, Shiki met her demise in England. In a vile act of treachery, Shiki was betrayed by Chiatzu to Killer Chav and she was slaughtered along with her friends by the chief enforcer of the Britonum warriors, Hunter Chav. Her death has sparked the fury of several would-be heroes in this saga.

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