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  Age: 20

Species: Youkai (formerly Onca Human)

Origin: Earth

Affiliations: None

Alignment: Naughty, then Evil

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 2: Kiss from a Rose

Powers \ Abilities: Increased strength and Endurance, Elasticated Limbs, Mouth Laser.

Favourite Bands: Whatever the Boys showed her way.

A mutant Youkai and a victim of psychic experimentation, Soraya was an uncaring catgirl tramp that mingled with the wrong people, the kind who make monsters. She now stalks the streets in a violently murderous rampage, seemingly attracted to creatures that have been enriched with psychic energy. While the true nature of her origins and who created her remains a mystery, whoever made Soraya what she is now seemingly benefiting from the chaos that she ensures.

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