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  Age: 37

Species: Youkai (sentient human hybrid)

Origin: Earth

Affiliations: Jimmy Wizardkid incorporated

Alignment: Good

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 0 Part 1 (cameo)

Powers \ Abilities: None

Favourite Bands: The Ramones, The Beatles, Bob Dylan

Born to nomad hippies in the outskirts of Texas, Sulley Olsemo adopted their life philosophy, jumping in and out of school, learning more from bearing witness to injustices committed by the law throughout his journeys. There was a warm soul beneath the cynical and bittersweet exterior, but along his travels, his nagging drug addiction would one day place him behind bars. Sulley was arrested in Greece and bound to the same jail transport truck as Rock Diggler and Makis Valentine. When the truck was attacked en route and he and his new friends were captured, Sulley was subject by Dr. Chimera to a new variant of Youkai experimentation that would preserve his sentience. Transformed to his spirit animal of an anthropomorphic fox, in an unforeseen outbreak Sulley was able to escape along with Rock and Makis, the latter now reborn as Incubiman.

Sulley didn’t feel too inconvenienced by his new form yet migrating to the U.K. was no small feat. Fortunately, infiltration through SJW protests in Dover along with favours performed for the Wizardkid Empire helped the trio gain easier visas to live in Britain, giving them free rein to pursue better lives. Sulley’s musical talents and iconic image did gain the interest of Shiki Logan during her missions to the U.K. and from there a friendship between the trio and the Tyrtonitek hero was formed. Incubiman was his frequent collaborative partner, and the man he consoled in his frequent bouts of depression. 4 albums and unable to run out of source material, Sulley was on his way to a rather promising career, but this never came to be when the Masked Crazy crisis loomed over the horizon. The night came when he was trapped along with his friends. Sulley was shown no mercy as the Britonum Warriors closed in.

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