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  Age: 35

Species: Human

Origin: Earth

Affiliations: Hiero's crew, Cult of Lamia (indirectly), Former Bakakuma gang member, Ex-SAS commandos

Alignment: Good \ Neutral \ Sociopathic

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 1 (cameo in Motorbike gear)

Powers \ Abilities: Super Strength, Regeneration, Limited Psychic abilities, Martial art super powers learnt from Byakkogunryokun.

Favourite Bands: Pantera, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Vio-lence, Onslaught, Guns and Roses, Arnocorps, Austrian Death Machine.

Born as Teddy Tyrell, his nickname T came as an amalgam of his other handles, Tiger, Tank, or TigerTank, all apt names for a destructive man. Tank is a Former SAS commando, current cockney heavy metal biker and all-around Sociopath with a loathing for most things human. His misanthropy doesn't just originate from his wartime experiences and his troubled orphaned childhood but also from the powers of Byakkogunryokun that brewed within him over the years. How he came to hone these powers from a species not of his own is anyone's guess but it's possible that an ancient ancestor may have trained in Onca martial arts and this power has manifested itself again in the current generation.

Nevertheless, Tank practised with the power over the years and his prowess earned him the attention of other groups who specialise in such fields. Tank was once a member of a Bakakuma gang, a deluded group of feudal-age-admiring thugs whose titular routes lie within a far deadlier legion originating from Shuromij. If Tank had continued with them he would have gone down the dark evil path of no return. After his girlfriend was murdered by the Bakakumas for being an outsider, he single-handedly fought and crushed the Bakakuma branch that he was in. Having parted ways with the network, the mournful Tank claimed he never felt better. However, the victims of his 200 acts of provoked assaults over the years would beg to differ. Tank is prone to violence, but compared to far greater evils, much of his assaults are based on a strong, moral compass he has honed since his SAS days.

Tank currently works as an assistant and right-hand man for Hiero. Although he doesn't share his boss's religious virtues and is often seen arguing with the man, they do however share a close friendship.

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