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  Age: 19

Species: Human with Drago Visage condition

Origin: Earth

Affiliations: The Job at the old Jeeves bar, London Metropolitan University

Alignment: Good (Chaotic Neutral when in Drago Visage form)

First Appearance: Genma Visage: The Animated Pilot.

Powers \ Abilities: Drago Visage transformation (uncontrolled), Super Strength and Endurance, Telekinetic wings and tail used for weaponry.

Favourite Bands: YummyYum Music

Tanya was once highly sort after for her unique genetic makeup as a vessel for Lord Grail to resurrect into, as she is a descendant of the powerful warriors that once slew Grail. However, Tanya is a human born with a genetic heritage of the Drago Visage plague which transforms her into a Therianthropic monster, and this has certainly placed a strain on the demon overlord's plans. Ryuken, with his own knowledge and expertise on the subject, has since halted Tanya's transformation. Using his medicine recovered from Nishin Genma's hidden archives, he placed Tanya's genetics into a dormant state, allowing Tanya to live a free life... unless someone wishes to awaken the Therianthropic monster within her again...

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