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  Age: 21 (Soul Age unknown)

Species: Onca (Ascended)

Origin: Veracrusis capital (Uncharted Krugeri island)

Affiliations: Cult of Byakkogunryukun (former)

Alignment: Good

First Appearance: Genma Visage Book 1 (cameo and voice heard)

Powers \ Abilities: Increased Strength, Sharpened Senses and Agility, Psychic Channeling Magic, Witchcraft-based Ninjitsu of many masteries, resistance to pain, attunement with Byakkogunryokun spirits.

Favourite bands: Ozric Tentacles, Deep Purple, Dio, Heaven and Hell, Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, ELP.


  Hailing from the uncharted island of Krugeri within the hidden Dimension, the exotic Zulie Zerpent inherited at birth a supernatural mutation granting her horn-like ears, a long tail with a rattle at the end and psychic witchcraft powers. She was believed by the people to be a Goddess of Life, Death, and Nature, representing the Byakkogunryokun Great Serpent religion local to the Krugeri capital Veracrusis. Not willing to embrace the brutal dictatorship regime, Zulie fled to the deadly jungles of the "Krugeri Dream". There, in complete isolation, she perfected her vast, brooding powers and eventually took the fight back to the High Priests who once sought to use her as a weapon of mass Oppression. After silencing the corrupted regime of Veracrusis she fled back to the forests. Free from former dictators and false gods, Zulie left the people of Veracrusis to lead themselves, offering a helping hand to her countrymen only in their hour of desperate need.

Zulie currently works as an assassin for Ryuken when his hands are tied.

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