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2022 Events to be announced. Youtube Vlogs and Draw Streams on their way. Please support my Patreon if you wish to see unique updates.

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Here you shall find the ongoing work in progress for my side project; an Adventure-Fantasy tale of sensual, oriental flavour.

Lust of the Dakini is set in the fictional world of Nataraj. The Human Race is long extinct and Monster people live on. Vast histories intertwine as a select few wonder about the origins of their kind. Now, Evil Ghuls from the Human underworld are rising up from the grave to torment the living while a prophecy proclaims that creatures known as the Dakinis will one day be reborn in selected Natarajans and fight back. But myth, archaeology and fact seldom see eye to eye. With shady figures trifling with the unthinkable, it's a race against time for any would-be heroes to get to the bottom of the conspiracy before powers that were best left buried in the sands of time erupt forth and spiral out of control.

Genma Visage and its related works are Copyright © to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.