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A designated section for short stories, histories and various articles surrounding the Main storyline of Genma Visage. Click a preview image to read on.

Glossary of terms

ArchXehinoz: A race of underground dwelling Trolls deep within planet Earth, ArchXehinoz are mammoth in size with exoskeleton heads that resemble human skulls. ArchXehinoz were originally an oafish slave race to the once superior pureblood Xehinoz until genetic psychic anomalies within the ArchXehinoz enabled them to grow more intelligent and stronger than before. After overthrowing their former suppressors, a colony of Archxehinoz took refuge near Earth's surface where pureblood Xehinoz were deathly vulnerable to the natural atmosphere and oxygen of the outside world. Asides from a friendly relationship with Oncas, ArchXehinoz are neutral to other races.

Chovmod: Earth-born Sentient ooze creatures that take the misshapen form of something humanoid as and when need be. They have super strength along with ESP abilities such as Hypnosis, Illusion Projection and Psychic Invisibility. Little is known of the Chovmods origins, but they are beings of pure evil who seek to control other races, especially humans. Chovmods will shape-shift and take on a bastardized form of whatever ruling class is present at the time as a means of infiltrating a target population. These monsters also have an intense hatred for the Shurokiu. It has yet to be disclosed why.

Youkai: A generalised term for an Individual who has been mutated and empowered by Psychic powers. With the soul long dead, what's left of the personality within the host’s body is driven mad with power beyond salvation. What a person will mutate into varies from experiment to ritual on many different individuals.

Shurokiu: A race of aliens that live on Shuromij; a floating world within a dimensional rift rotating to the wormhole Inanna, accessible from Planet Earth and the Asteroid belt. They are pure human in appearance, save for the reptilian appendages and pointed ears. Millions of years ago, Shurokiu were bigger in number and were one of the first sentient races to embrace ESP powers. Unfortunately, their bodies at the time were not fully developed to cope with this capability. Save for those who did not have psychic powers, the Shurokiu were almost wiped out by the ESP poisoning caused by the overdose of Psychic powers. Today with highly advanced technology, the Shurokiu have come a long way since ancient times, but they bear a fearful attitude not just towards Psychic powers but also the occasional pestering from Alien invaders.

Drago Visage: A feared form of Therianthropy that in ancient times the Shurokiu were once capable of. Under severe stress or injury, the Drago Visage would briefly mutate a Shurokiu into a monstrous reptilian berserker. In this form their physical strength and psychic powers are enhanced but they are deprived of their former personality and cannot tell friend from foe amidst their rage. The Drago Visage can be traced down the Shurokiu's evolutionary chain, where it is believed that they were descended from the Prehistoric Hydras of Myth and Legend.
The Drago Visage haunted the Shurokiu for many years, but developing medication throughout their early known history tampered with the effects and immune system, and the transformation eventually stopped working.

DragoHaemophilia: This is a rare genetic disorder for the Shurokiu in which the Shyykin levels in the blood that monitors Therianthropy is at a much lower level than normal. This means a DragoHaemophiliac is more likely to have the Drago Visage triggered off unless they receive extra Shyykin treatment on a regular basis. It is believed that Dragohaemophilia is caused at birth by varying degrees of ESP poisoning within the parents.
Practically unknown by today's standards within Shurokiu civilisation, it was part of Nishin Genma to monitor all Drago Visage outbreaks, and silence them by any means necessary.

Nishin Genma: A Former Special fighting force on Shuromij, Nishin Genma was a secretive body that was the first to "sell" the idea of ESP usage to the Shurokiu public as well as many renowned pharmaceuticals. Dividing an effective army of operatives into separate classes (Soldier and Warrior-Assassins) Nishin Genma taught its operatives the most extreme of martial arts and psychic powers to match their individual fighting styles. The Order would deploy the very best of their operatives on special missions to combat terrorism, fight the alien enemies of the Shurokiu, and grant favours for friendly species. Legend has it that Nishin Genma once assisted Earth’s Knight Templars during their crusades in medieval times.

For thousands of years, the Nishin Genma upheld Peace and Order on Shuromij, but eventually, its leaders grew corrupt in their quest for power. After the Genma Visage insurgence, the Shurokiu governments shut down Nishin Genma and put on trial those left in the order.

Genma Visage: One of the most important Psychic experiments in the series, the Genma Visage is the most pivotal and catastrophic of Nishin Genma's products. Originally starting as a means to place a sentient control on the Drago Visage, the project grew into Nishin Genma's search for the ultimate weapon, using ESP science and Black magic to amplify the capabilities of a hardened individual. Through different means, their experts were able to create several prototypes, side projects and models, the most prominent being Mk.1 and the more occult Mk.2. The Mk.1 was simply an extension of producing Youkai that granted the test subjects a measure of sentience and the ability to shape-shift back and forth from human to Youkai forms. The Mk.2 AKA the Genma Visage was the defining experiment that used the lost chapters from the book of the dead to finally control the Drago Visage and explore the subject’s powers to unfathomable degrees.

The project was a complete secret even from lower Operatives of Nishin Genma. However, as the death toll mounted and Operatives died one by one, the truth was eventually made public and the project along with Nishin Genma was shut down by the Shuromij authorities.

DemiGod: A term for ascended individuals who have broken the natural ESP barrier and gained an extreme boost of Psychic or Black Magical power. It is most commonly applied to a successor of the Genma Visage experiment.

Oncas: A rare mutant spiritual race of Earth Humans who are born with cat-like tails and occasionally ears. It is believed all Oncas originate from the Uncharted Dimensional Isle of Krugeri.

ByakoGunryokun: A psychic power and fighting style gifted to rare individuals. It was once said that Oncas who wield this magic are the actual reincarnation of the Onca gods themselves.

Pure Demon: A term regarding non-human monsters from the spirit dimensions, in particular, the Netherrealm. It was Nishin Genma’s task throughout the centuries to combat and slay these things.

BioDemon: A demon that's born in the Material universe. Its regenerative powers and appearance are more organic in nature. Very little further information is available.

ChronoMancy: Various Black magic and ESP based on the manipulation of time.

The Cult of Lamia: A bizarre Pagan group dating back thousands of years, the CoL is a following based on what they call the tragic idol of the Libyan and Greek mythology. Lamia is a symbol of female liberty and a torch-bearing cult for Anarchy and Chaos theory. Cult members also celebrate hedonistic pleasures, amoral values and the practise of Black Magic.

The Britonum War: Situated across what was once called the Isle of Wight, the Britonum War is a collective term regarding Heroes and Anti-Villains rebelling against the bullish authority on the Isle. The antagonists in question were the violent Corporations, corrupt Businesses, rampant Gang warfare, and a psychotically driven Society eating itself alive. Britonum was noteworthy when a squad of Nishin Genma operatives was sent down to tame the city. The combined might of the operatives were nowhere near enough to stop the bloodshed, and all but one was killed. The Britonum war ended when a great fire swept through the city, burning everything in its wake. The legacy of Britonum is a point of interest for many characters in the series.

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