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The Demonic Terror of the Bloodfeud Nightmare
by Thomas Tuke

The World of Shuromij was at knifepoint since the Genma Visage insurrection. After the downfall of the Occult order of Nishin Genma, the rise in Psychic Mutation related crime was spiralling out of control. The central government, the United Nations of Shuromij had lost a key ally while earning more foes that they could handle. Stepping into the U.N.S summit of world leaders was Frollo, commander of a Special Forces Service native to Tutoon, the House of All Saints. For his impressive military track in the Martian Shuromij conflict, successful expeditions to alien worlds through Inanna and the apprehension of the murderer known as the Demonic Terror, Frollo was favoured by the council members to be the man to bring stability back to Shuromij. Furthermore, the H.O.A.S had some of the most advanced technologies, databases and infiltrations in the world. Unveiling his documents, the man drew attention to his number one mission, to track down and eliminate the rogue Nishin Genma Demigod.
Two Demigods had been confirmed to be dead, and the fugitive Maud had escaped jurisdiction to settle on planet Earth. An unanticipated 4th Demigod, previously assumed to be a dead failure was on the move, striking many important targets. Eye witness accounts described a darkened, massive figure covered in spikes, horns and metal feathers with glowing crimson eyes and a noseless sabre-toothed face. His clawed hands wielded an arsenal of shining red swords, lightning claws, black flames, and a luminous tail that hacked everything in its path. The darkened figure had been given many names; Shadow Beast, the Black Wizard, the Hentai Slayer, the Destroyer of Fist Kings, but the true identity of this lone wolf remained a mystery.
Not content with taking down mad scientists and their Youkai creations, the Rogue Demigod had gone after even bigger targets. This ranged from the Governor Scorpius with the defective Nishin Genma operative Straig, to the untouchable C.E.Os of many megacorporations who held god-awful rape parties using female prisoners and tentacle Youkai. Even violent anarchy militants funded by banks were not safe from his wrath. While the world leaders in the summit guessed that the Rogue Demigod’s work was that of a mercenary vigilante on a mission, this was all the signs of a wild, wounded animal to Frollo. The General assured them that this man was a threat. It was only a matter of time before the psychic mutation that made him would one day rot his mind. He would turn on everyone and therefore was no better than Nishin Genma himself.
As Frollo left the summit along with a U.N.S rep to monitor an event in his home province of Tutoon, he assured the council to rest easy. He had contacts through the H.O.A.S that were looking into the Demigod problem. Not only would he be defeated but what the H.O.A.S would uncover would be the very godsend that’ll ensure peace and order across the nations.

The Rogue Demigod was none other than Ryuken Kage, presumed to have died after the Britonum War and the Genma Visage insurrection. It was for the best. Shuromij wasn’t going to miss a former Nishin Genma agent, especially not one with Bakakuma ancestry. With everyone thinking he was dead, Ryuken was able to put some distance from his former identity, which would work to his advantage even when he clung onto alliances in Pawaikohai. Most of all, he clung onto his love for Usheana Mano.
Compared to his former masters and the homicidal Youkai, there was no danger in Ryuken’s mutation rotting his mind, though how the erosion of war would affect him, time could only tell. In his sense of honourable duty as one man a huge monumental task had been laid before Ryuken. Even with Superpowers, trying to fix the world’s problems and Nishin Genma’s mess was like trying to empty the very ocean with a teaspoon, and it was still getting out of hand. Ryuken hoped that if he was able to find the other ringleaders of Nishin Genma’s inner circle such as the elusive Jacobi Ninjojakal, a crucial chunk of his mission would be taken care of. But there was more to his quest than finding the masterminds. Where they were, what they had found, and how they were hiding was something that would torment Ryuken in the years to come.
That fateful evening, Ryuken and Usheana’s father Hanale, the owner of the ESP therapy business local to Pawaikohai, were inspecting the many pieces of properties salvaged from Nishin Genma’s labs after widespread destruction and looting. One interesting item brought to the table was a glass canister half full with a glowing blue liquid labelled as Inanna. Previously, the oily black substance of Kemet was used as a mutative ingredient to help create psychic monsters. It even fuelled the Demigods along with green liquefied and synthesized magic from the lost chapters from the uncovered books of the dead. In contrast, the mysterious Inanna fluid had teleportation properties, the power to use the namesake wormhole to send an item back and forth not across interstellar space but instead into alternate dimensions where the spirit worlds dwelled. As time ran differently on those planes compared to the material universe, it was believed that ingredients were sent to barren plains to nurture further, becoming more vital in Nishin Genma’s experiments. In this case, the canister suggested half of its contents had already been used or given to a third party. Ryuken insisted that only Nishin Genma’s inner circle knew what to look for when sending living subjects to those Spirit worlds. Shocking Hanale, the Demigod made the bold suggestion to use the Inanna formula on him that very evening so he could either find the last members of the Nishin Genma Elites in hiding or least the tools necessary to take on the new wave of psychic monsters. Hanale thought he was crazy. This experiment was too dangerous, the apparatus was not fully complete and there was no guarantee Ryuken could get back. But time was against them, against Usheana as well, and compared to foolhardy explorers, Ryuken now had the superhuman makeup to have a much better chance of surviving.
Outside under the basking of the night sky, the two put together the machinery and the power supply cables. Hanale feared they were tapping into forbidden tapestries of the universe as recreated by Nishin Genma’s experiments. Yet they needed answers, Shuromij needed something to stop this ongoing mess, and the Father had to be grateful that Ryuken was willing to sacrifice himself to bring back his daughter from the coma-inducing disease.
Ryuken slipped into the steel sarcophagus and Hanale flipped all the switches. A great blue light illuminated the surrounding beach as the entire experimental construction vanished out of sight, taking Ryuken with it. Hanale cursed himself and the Demigod for their foolishness of rushing something so chaotic. Yet 3 minutes later, through a brief wormhole that opened above the beach, Ryuken landed metres away on the sand.
Relieved, Hanale thanked his lucky stars for his friend's return, but unfortunately, there was bad news to tell. The experiment had been a failure in that no further information on Nishin Genma or Jacobi had been uncovered in the spirit worlds. Furthermore, as time ran differently as expected, Ryuken had aged another 10 years on top of that added by the Genma Visage ritual from before.
There was a bright silver lining in the ordeal, however. On his pilgrimage throughout those worlds, Ryuken attained a wealth of knowledge that would prove useful throughout the years. In addition, he trained like hell to evolve from a professional killer to a most formidable grandmaster. Shuromij now had a far more finely tuned powerhouse who would single-handedly take on the worst monsters the universe had to offer.
With the last of Inanna used up and the charred remains of the equipment useless, Ryuken and Hanale agreed never to do this experiment again and called it a night. Even still, the identity of the 3rd owner of the Inanna formula intrigued them with further mystery. What other ingredients had been used for inter-dimensional jumps and who would benefit from sampling such properties?

Meanwhile, in Frollo’s home province of Tutoon, Dr Kroft Varantyne better known as the Legendary Demonic Terror had been released from prison into the custody of the ruthless mob lord Jon Jimee, founder of the motto “piss on me and you’re in the shit”. An infinitely violent serial killer with an undetermined final kill count, amongst his massacres Varantyne slaughtered an entire nursery including Jon’s youngest son before killing the oldest stepson along with the prostitutes among his brothel. With smoke coming out of his ears, the Drug Baron swore revenge but was denied when Varantyne was apprehended by the H.O.A.S and sentenced to death under Tutoon law. Years passed and Jon Jimee was later red-faced and infuriated when informed by his gang members locked away in Farcediim prison that Varantyne was still alive and well in the restricted wards behind those walls, where strangely even a man with Jon Jimee's power had no influence. Eventually, recent mysterious but convenient loopholes in the judicial system granted Jon his chance for vengeance. He had Varantyne transported to a private garage across the desert plains where Jon would personally oversee his long-awaited execution and dismemberment. As they pistol-whipped the handcuffed murderer, little did the well-armed gangsters realise that lethal injections and beheadings had indeed been tried and tested on Varantyne to no avail, and now he was slipping through his shackles. Not a single shot was fired, as Varantyne freed himself from the cuffs and killed Jon Jimee and the whole gang so fast that no one was any wiser. When dawn arrived on that private garage, Dr Varantyne was well on his way across the desert, machete and axe in hand, free to continue his legacy. The sickening artistic display of intestines, hanged bodies and a pile of eyeless severed heads belonging to Jon Jimee and his men heralded to Tutoon the very return of the Demonic Terror.

The morning that hit Tutoon the next day didn’t bode well for the quiet town of Ronaldroz. This patch of land was famous for its large gothic cemeteries, ghoulish architecture, retirement home and special needs rehabilitation centres. In this town where it seemed the ghosts did not rest, many radical students and adults alike had taken a shine to new age spirituality and philosophy, especially of that provided by the Enlightenist religion. This estranged and pampered faith was looking set (in its own words) to replace the worship of the Nishin Hydra, the primary deity of the Shuromij. As far as the Enlightenists were concerned, the Great Totem Baby knew all and in the world in much need of rehabilitation, the people had no need for a “riff-raff” lizard that was the icon for the former Nishin Genma felons.
When a sharply identical temple statue of an ancient origin for the Enlightenist religion was recently unearthed deep in mines of Smallwood, scientific studies suggested that the Great Totem Baby idol was far older than any uncovered artefacts on Nishin. Therefore this discovery was seen as a gift from the Enlightenist God. For them, it had been proven that their religion should have been the sole spirituality of Shuromij the whole time.
There was no time for detailed scientific clarification, however. The Shuromij media and leading figures wanted to break away from Nishin Genma’s influence as much as possible, and the Enlightenist leaders, opportunistic for propaganda, firmly put their foot down. That day was the day the old Enlightenist temple was opened within Smallwood mine to the followers and the public alike. This was much to the chagrin of the miners who had to face further abuse from pushy environmentalists within the Enlightenists. The miners had previously been sent on leave from strange governmental inspections that closed down the mine for a time. The House of All Saints with Frollo himself, from the safety of his flying gunship, was keeping a sharp eye of security on Smallwood mine over the course of the event, additionally monitored by a suspicious representative from the U.N.S. The boons that the statue of the Great Totem Baby would grant to the Enlightenist followers were yet to be seen.
Apart from the Enlightenist folk, there were other points of interest to Ronaldroz that the locals did their best to sweep under the carpet. Besides the rumours that the defunct megacorporation Zynda used to exhumed the cemeteries and resurrect the cadavers as mindless robots, Ronaldroz was also famous for being the birthplace of the serial killer Dr Varantyne. Yet, even this legend was about to be dwarfed by another that was awakening in their midst. The carers in the employ of the special need homes, normally ignorant from self-worth and a comfortable pay, were suddenly drawn over to one of their charges who was beating her own brains out across the pavement. The previously dormant young girl Alex of strange orphaned heritage and severe handicap was overcoming her limitations with the surging rise of great psychic power. The glee across her face as gore trickled from her pried-open skull soon betrayed the sudden taste for bloodlust. Immoral, with no sense of good and bad, she quickly gained movement in her legs, escaped her wheelchair and used her powers to bombard the carers with horrific visions that drove them to instant suicide. Running around the town, that supernatural nightmarish assault was brought upon any who met her path as she giggled away flapping her arms like a free bird. Now that she had been awakened Alex felt free and wanted to meet others just like her. The Totem Baby God of the Enlightenist baby would do, and Alex felt those brainless followers had more in common than the bodies in Ronaldroz’s graveyard than they thought. There was neither time nor need to travel all the way to Smallwood mine, however. From the comfort of a playground, Alex would use her clairvoyant powers to play with the “toys” that the Baby statue in the temple within the mine had to offer.

Ryuken was recovering well on the shores of Pawaikohai although still mentally adjusting to the fact that 10 years passed by in his own time in the spirit worlds through Inanna whereas 3 minutes went by in the material universe. Asides from a wealth of knowledge and training earned on his great pilgrimage, Ryuken’s increased clairvoyance had given him additional radar sense greater than the other precogs of Nishin Genma. Currently, he was ill at ease. He could now feel great otherworldly but familiar dangers somewhere on the horizon, but where it was or if it was already here he wasn’t sure. When Ryuken’s eyes caught the show on Hanale’s television, the Elder brought him up to speed on the discoveries within the mine of Tutoon. In the past, Ryuken would have scoffed at the Enlightenists. Hidden archives of Nishin Genma detailed that the Enlightenists were relatively new, far younger than Nishin worship. In fact, Nishin Genma helped nurture their spirituality when seeking allies among the cave dwellers of tundra forests after the invasion of the Ogoncho Empire. The fact that the Enlightenists later turned on Nishin Genma was an attempt to cover up the truth.
Right there, however, there was one detail that was nauseating Ryuken more than the mundane chatter of the wealthy, well-fashioned and pampered clerics of the Religion. Ryuken had overheard mentions of the Totem Baby being a bad omen on his journeys across dimensions. As someone who tested the Inanna formula on himself, Ryuken fearfully realised a very urgent detail of a connection about that statue and saw a great danger at hand. He had to get to Tutoon immediately and get the people away from that statue.

Already killing several people along the way to acquire clothes and transport, Dr Varantyne was heading to the very show at the Smallwood mine with a curious motive more important than the hedonistic bloodlust he was famous for. Sucking back a few severed eyeballs, Dr Varantyne’s hobby for mass murder had not been quelled in the least behind bars and another notch would be added to his legend by the time the day was over. Yet the contender for the title of Tutoon’s top predator was in question, for the birth of the greatest man-eater the province had seen in recent years was at hand.

Using her psychic powers from afar, Alex activated hidden switches hidden within and beneath the ground of the Totem Enlightenist statue nd leaked a deadly toxic gas that choked the local people to death on the spot. The strange fumes were mutative in nature. By the time it settled, Enlightenists and general members of the public in that temple were rising up as horrific zombies driven by a bottomless hunger for living flesh. Although stiff in movement, the gas granted the undead the strength to crush bone and even rip through solid steel. The hordes wasted no time attacking the miners, tearing apart and devouring everything in their wake. Absolute grisly pandemonium had stabbed the Smallwood mine like a serrated dagger. The media and local law enforcement outside scrambled like a panicking flock of birds to assess the situation while the H.O.A.S remained curiously steady in their next course of actions.

Survivors within the mines panicked further when they suddenly encounter the legendary Dr Varantyne, who snuck in through the back entrance, dismembering security guards in his path. They were forced to turn tail and run, and in the ensuing chase, the group had inadvertently led the Demonic Terror to the advancing zombies. Escaping through the corridor they left the trapped doctor to his fate. He took several down, but the Zombies soon overwhelmed Varantyne and tore him to pieces. The man’s severed head watched his own body being pulled apart and eaten by the relentless horde. Little did they know that deprived of vocal cords, Varantyne’s head was still screaming for a good reason, powered by otherworldly energies beyond their comprehension, and the zombies would now see the hidden secret behind the Demonic Terror.

The Zombies slaughtered their way through the tunnels of the mine. The survivors had been sealed in by quarantine regulation of Frollo’s men, much to the disapproval of the U.N.S official. Trapped inside, the zombies had them cornered when an unlikely saviour in the form of the world’s most hated man, teleported into the scene. With rapid blasts of psychic lightning from his claws, Ryuken arrived to save the remaining miners and mowed down the very skulls of the zombie horde as at last, they dropped dead for good.

Aircraft alone wouldn’t have taken the Demigod all the way to Tutoon in time. Luckily after a frantic search in Hanale’s office in Pawaikohai, the mentor had a steel statue given by a patient from Tutoon who came to the ESP services. The statue was forged with the trademark Kaijijo steel of Tutoon, and with this gave Ryuken a psychic link to help pinpoint a destination to teleport. The long-range jump put a strain on the Demigod’s powers, but upon making it to Tutoon he raced by foot across the land with lightning haste.
Ryuken’s interference sent shockwaves to any media observing what was going on through the linked cameras. Panic struck, Frollo himself of the H.O.A.S as realised his hidden plans had changed when he had to opportunity to strike down a potential threat. To the awe of the U.N.S representative, Frollo gave the order for his mobile flying H.Q. to drop bunker-busting nukes on Smallwood facility.
Ryuken teleported the survivors to the safety of their homes in the Tutoon capital. He had to act quickly in his investigation. Finding no other survivors, he killed the last few zombies on route to where the Enlightenist temple was in the centre of the mine, ever curious as to why emotionless undead creatures suddenly displayed fear at his very presence. It was even more alarming that the survivors mentioned the infamous Demonic Terror escaped to these mines and was overwhelmed by zombies. Ryuken found no sign of his remains but encountered a charred corridor previously inflamed by strange otherworldly fires. Ryuken couldn’t scry what happened here but his sharp tongue detected a substance from these flames akin to the zombies he encountered. Did Varantyne have this power inside him? Was he a zombie like the others? And just where was he now?
Ryuken hoped to find some answers in the temple where everything kicked off. Upon scrying that very obelisk, Ryuken realised that like him, this statue had been subject to the pan-dimensional properties of the Inanna formula, only it had been stranded in the spirit for a far longer period of time to give off the ancient feel to the Palaeontologist’s CO readings. This, in turn, was what (indirectly) sent ripples in time throughout the spirit worlds, and why in hearsay and scripture from the beings Ryuken met across the worlds that the Great Baby Totem was considered an unholy herald of doom.
With the clear implantation of this strange substance that gassed and decayed the recent victims, this was the insidious works of someone’s greater plan. Recognising the quality of steel on the statue, Ryuken knew that in the timeline of this universe, this deceptive mock Enlightenist temple and statue had been built inside the mine recently to con the fanatics, but who and why?
There was only one place local in Tutoon that could develop steel that can withstand the test of time of a million years and keep prisoners locked away for even longer. Knowing where to go, Ryuken was indeed suspicious when he teleported to safety by the time the bunker busters incinerated the entire network of the Smallwood mine.

While Ryuken was handling the undead hordes before the entryway earlier, Dr Varantyne had pieced himself back together and was hurling the cargo of deceased zombies into a miner’s truck in the very back loading bay. Every zombie that had taken a bite out of him earlier had their entire skulls burnt out by the alien fires that flowed through the Doctor’s regenerative body. He would joke that he had literally been touched by an angel.
Despite being ripped to shreds, Varantyne still hadn’t found any adventure in all the years he spent committing the most outlandish murders that excelled the darkest imaginations. In the end, he thought, it may no longer matter, for a far greater master plan was at work that would blow Tutoon and beyond clean out of the water.
Lighting his cigarette he had stolen from an impaled security guard, Varantyne sighed as he started the engine, took his rotten cargo out of the Smallwood mine, and drove off across the desert to meet his contacts across the horizon.

Swinging In the Ronaldroz park, Alex stopped and realised the zombies in Smallwood mine had perished by this Demigod’s hand. Behind her, a mother and newborn breathed their last, buckling under the weight of Alex's psychic assault like all the others had. This was the first time Alex experienced disappointment, like having a favourite toy taken away. The eyes outlandishly looked in different directions as she gnashed her teeth like a provoked pitbull. This intruder ruined her fun and she screamed of making him pay. But as Alex trembled and clenched furiously to the swing's chain, she realised something that brought back her joy. She had a friend who could teach the Demigod a lesson, and today was the big day she would see him again.
Through Alex’s will, Ronaldroz was going to throw a big party for a man they hadn't seen for a long time. She jumped off the swings and headed to the town centre to round up some “friends.”

On the House of All Saints ship, the U.N.S Rep had all guns blazing on Frollo’s decision to nuke Smallwood mine no matter how much he defended himself with protocol and the Demigod target. He destroyed a valuable industrial landmark for Tutoon’s produce without a care for any survivors in those tunnels. Plus he endangered the lives of the surrounding populace. Killing hundreds to save billions was just not worth it. Yet, with the Demigod believed to be out of the way, the Rep’s accusations were becoming too close to home for Frollo when she compared him to Nishin Genma. Her hidden agenda was revealed as she brought up a buried list of past crimes that the General was guilty of.
The House of All Saints was said to donate to charities when really those organisations were blackmailed into funding them instead, forced at gunpoint to uphold their extortion racket. Frollo personally shut down many libraries that held incriminating books against his organisation and the government. After all, he once served as a commanding officer in the Martian-Shuromij conflict, a rotten war no one wanted. To receive further cash sums from the dubious megacorporations who wanted to keep the war going, Frollo secretly sabotaged not just the riots at home but the peace talks abroad. Gassing Martians and poisoning Shuromij troops stirred up hatred between the sides and prolonged the conflict.
Frollo walked away scot-free by the time the famous Maleka squad intervened to end the war, but his crimes didn’t end there. Frollo had great success in his interstellar explorations only by taking credit for the scientific achievements of rival explorers who “perished in unfortunate circumstances.” A retrieved data file from an ill-fated interloper that the H.O.A.S kicked into Jupiter’s crushing atmosphere contained further evidence to incriminate the Old General.
All of this was leading up to the one collection of Frollo’s crimes that the U.N.S Rep didn’t yet know about, but she wanted in on the spoils. Pointing a gun at Frollo as he did to others before, the Rep commanded him to reveal the shining eggs from the Golden goose that he had been keeping all along. She further blackmailed him by saying that if anything was to happen to her, the evidence of his crimes would be leaked to the public.
The Rep made a fatal mistake in confronting the man with insufficient preparation, however. The bribed police and government of Tutoon was the least of her worries. Frollo’s secret revealed itself when suddenly a rotten crew member chomped down on the Rep’s shoulder and ripped out a chunk of flesh. She screamed in horror upon realising that the members of the H.O.A.S gunship were zombies the whole time, kept in check by Frollo’s command. The General still didn’t give wind of the true nature of his plan and previous experiments with the Undead, but it was clear for the Rep in her dying moments that to commit this level of atrocity, Frollo had no fear from any Government on Shuromij and that had total confidence that his sick plans would succeed. The General left her to be devoured by his personal Death Squad. Thinking the Demigod was out of the way he steamed on ahead with his plans to rendezvous with his contacts in the town of Ronaldroz.

Ryuken touched down outside Farcediim prison, the one place in Tutoon where the sun didn’t seem to shine. Isolated across an uninviting desert, Farcediim was named after a famed disciple of Kaijijo who forged the finest steel in the land; the same steel that Ryuken’s psychic eyes could see made the mock Totem statue in the mine. It was the good size of a borough with heliports, train stations, factories, a marketplace and other facilities. It was clear for Ryuken that Farcediim prison was built for more than just housing criminals, with secrets behind these walls that were unknown even for the eagle glare of hardened wardens. The very worst of the worst were imprisoned here, but what gained Ryuken’s attention again were the shuddering whispers that one of Tutoon’s most evil men who dwelled here was now absent.
Security here was the fiercest among the land and hi-tech traps were laid throughout, but none these posed a problem for Ryuken’s infiltration powers, and besides which, rioting in the centre was distracting the warden’s attention. As he scouted the interiors of Farcediim, at first Ryuken found little evidence on the kind of experiments that created zombies, although the manufacture of that Totem statue was not impossible in the prison sweatshops. Perhaps incriminating evidence and knowledgeable personal had been disposed of, and Ryuken’s caution was raised upon understanding that the mysterious House of All Saints had taking action here. Intuition now compelled Ryuken to investigate Dr Varantyne’s old cell in a sealed off block.

Here, upon scrying the seemingly innocent room, the veil across this drama was beginning to unveil and the link between the Demonic Terror and the House of All Saints was deeper than he could imagine.

Frollo and Varantyne were two brothers from Ronaldroz. While they had a troubled childhood from a sexual, Enlightenist deviant for a father, both men’s appetite for mass murder was in a complete league of their own. Varantyne was also a renowned scientist with recipes for chemical engineering useful for biological warfare. As Frollo’s military career expanded, he took an interest in his brother’s work and made sure through the actions of the H.O.A.S that no harm came to him when he was apprehended for his murders. In fact, his multiple imprisonments made circumstances easier to go ahead with their experiments.
It was no surprise to Ryuken that his former masters Nishin Genma and others had a mild interest in the brother’s ventures, hence where the other half of the Inanna formula ended up. The “Bloodfeud Nightmare” the name for the secret project that took place in Farcediim, at first didn’t seem unique for Ryuken in its grisly sickening details. Strange crystals were used to create several mutative strains, one that created zombies and one that gave superhuman abilities of regeneration to Frollo and Varantyne. However, the source of these Enjel crystals and the story behind it was enough to part the Demigod’s lips in awe.
Years ago on one fateful evening, when Varantyne stormed out the house and Frollo followed, in the darkened depths of the haunting Ronaldroz woods, a blue apparition appeared before their eyes. Alien, Fairy-like beings travelled from the Interstellar world of Engel to visit Shuromij, sensing the boy's anguish and plight. Fearing that Shuromij was a world that needed healing, in their short stay, the Engels instructed the young men to be their heralds for peace, and parted with a gift in the form of healing crystals from their radiant homeworld orbiting a collapsed star. The Engels would return one day to see how Shuromij had progressed in hopes that Shurokiu kind would join their world and embrace the great cosmic wisdom of the universe.
This decision couldn’t be any more rushed. Shuromij was alien to the Enjels as they were to them, or at least it seemed that way. The Enjels had been living in their own world for too long and like well-meaning explorers who accidentally brought diseases to foreign tribes, they landed before the men a virus-bearing substance that didn’t work on Shurokiu the same way it worked on Enjel. Worst of all, through great cosmic bad luck and a poor choice of heralds, they had provided fuel for deceitful madmen who wanted to see the world burn.
In exploiting the necrotic elements of the Enjel crystals, Frollo and Varantyne would one day exhaust their supply, but their great plans would go ahead. The aim of the Bloodfeud Nightmare was to lay siege to the Enjel homeworld, loot its supply to create an army of super strong undead mutants and conquer Shuromij, turning it into a feeding ground for the new Apex predators. Getting there required not only Frollo’s knowledge of Interstellar exploration but also a great deal of Shurokiu sacrifice as an ingredient to provide power for the wormhole to the Enjel world. The ordeal in the Smallwood mine would distract the diverted populace and provide Varantyne with the zombie samples that had to be tested on live civilians, of which the religious fibre in the Enlightenists made the Enjel element further potent. The zombie husks would act as a totem in the blood ritual to pinpoint and send wormhole travellers back and forth to the source of their Engel crystals. Additional power would be supplied from the nearby plants. To eliminate potential threats, Frollo was going to turn Ronaldroz into a charnel pit. The icing on this unthinkably horrific cake was one last detail; the psychic gatekeeper upholding the wormhole.
Throughout the many visions that Ryuken was flicking through, there was mention that the strains of the Engel formula took a far more potent effect when they were passed on from parent to offspring. Varantyne had indeed impregnated some poor woman in the Farcediim prison, and throughout his many chats with Frollo, the man regularly asked how his daughter was doing in Ronaldroz.

Alex's psychic assault had decimated much of his hometown by by the time Dr Varantyne made the scene, having kidnapped his terminally ill father and throwing him among the rotten undead cargo. Crushing fleeing civilians under his tire tracks, Varantyne felt it was good to be home and he was so proud that his daughter took up his murderous career like a charm. Finding Alex doing unnecessary surgery to a fat child in a school amidst dying bodies, Father and Daughter were finally reunited after years apart. As a gift to mark the occasion, Varantyne presented his own paedophiliac father bound and gagged before her mercy. Laughing like no tomorrow, she repeatedly stabbed the old man like a Thanksgiving turkey, proofing to Varantynes sudden show of emotion that the legend of the Demonic Terror was alive and well in his daughter.
As the House of All Saints gunship approached Ronaldroz, the crew unveiled their zombie guise, and so too was Frollo showing his true colours. For years he had been mentally intoxicated by power, wealth and megalomaniac ambitions but while he acted as the sensible one of the siblings, Frollo was just as homicidal as Varantyne. Believing a new dawn would arise unopposed, the content General gave the order to unload the ship's artillery across the town, killing all the remaining survivors in a shower of shrapnel and gore, reducing the buildings to rubble. He set the ship's self-destruct and escaped with his Death Squad to the tune of classical Shuromij music, laughing in cheer as his own vessel exploded upon the last escapees. Children here were no safer from Frollo’s wrath any more than they were on Mars.
Varantyne and his daughter watched close at hand the bombardment of his hometown with the celebration and awe of witnessing a fireworks display. Frollo quickly reunited with his family as they all embraced each other in the presence of a town in flames. There was much work to do, however. The Wormhole had to be opened and Alex could detect that the Spiky shadow man was on his way to stop them. But Frollo had a plan that would buy them enough time to see this through.

The complete onslaught of the townspeople mortified Ryuken when he reached Ronaldroz. He cursed the stars for being too late and cursed himself further for not choosing to go after the same gunship that nuked the Smallwood mine as it did Ronaldroz. It was clear that many violent plans beyond anyone's control across the world were coming full circle, and he couldn't be everywhere at once. Not even a Genma Visage Demigod would have any effect on the higher power’s mindset whatever foul shape they took. Yet, what gave Ryuken back his momentum was the realisation that Frollo’s particular plan had been in the works for some time, before he himself was born. Ryuken noticed that totemic devices activated by the nearby power plants had emerged from the rubble of destruction as well as the shrapnel of the gunship. These devices were of Nishin Genma technology that the House of All Saints replicated. They disrupted psychic signals of clairvoyant eyes, preventing them from seeing what was really going on behind the veil. They had been setup across the entire town and onboard the H.O.A.S gunship, so there was no way Ryuken was going to know. Frollo ensured that neither Nishin Genma nor a Genma Visage Demigod was going to get the drop on his plans prior to coming into fruition, at least not until it was too late.
Reeling back his determination, Ryuken still had a job to do. He entered the charred town of Ronaldroz to track down the felons behind its decimation
Ryuken’s caution was quickly on full edge as Frollo communicated to him across the town’s speakers. There the two exchanged banter, as Frollo proclaimed that Ronaldroz was a town built on lies and deception that mismanaged many people and left them to a bad fate. Too many individuals in the Mad General’s eye felt empowered with catchy slogans when they were really allowing themselves to be beaten by the chain of command the whole time. He claimed that the government leaders pampered on good living were no better than him nor were the Engels in a universe where the strong preys on the weak. Frollo didn’t think he was the bad guy for giving into a basic instinct to kill.
Ryuken remained headstrong in believing innocents should never have to die over such ideas, disgusted by how out of touch the higher-ups was with the common man. In his experience with being mishandled with his Dragohaemophilia condition, however, the Demigod admitted to himself that better ideas still had to exercise responsibility, less they build another cage for the ill-prepared minds who were willing to trade one pair of shackles for another. He lamented that the society he wished to save often had a poor choice in heroes and villains, often favouring a “greater good” that didn’t benefit everyone.
Frollo’s insults came close to home when he was aware of Ryuken’s true identity and vowed to make everyone, including Usheana, suffer dearly when this was all over, spurring the man to further savour the demise of the Brothers and their flunkies.
Near a Church courtyard, the trap was sprung as Ryuken faced off against the surrounding Death squad, taking the wind out of him with their surprising speed and strength. Unlike the zombies at Smallwood, these lobotomised, enlarged hulks didn’t fear him, and their powers meant Ryuken had to tap into deeper reserves to defend himself.

Ryuken knew that Frollo deliberately waited for him to be engaged in battle just to buy time to open up the wormhole, but until the wormhole was open big enough across the sky, Ryuken had no idea where they were within the town.
Dr. Varantyne chuckled with the gurgle of a mouth full of severed eyeballs as his doorway to the Homeworlds was close at hand, the Sabbath of rotten zombie bodies would ensure his family the ticket to dreamland as Alex was exerting her full power to open up the wormhole. The Demonic Terrors would exact their BloodFeud nightmares on Enjel itself
Across town, the battle raged on as Ryuken crashed through street to street in evasion, blocking and parrying his formidable opponents as they seemed to grow bulkier, bigger and stronger with each blow. When two of the zombies landed a bite across biceps and arms, injecting a lethal dose of the zombie virus, Frollo cackled as if hitting jackpot. He believed he just earned a valuable new zombie to join the ranks of the House of All Saints Deathsquad, but after a 10-second count down, Frollo’s own nightmare was about to begin.
Suddenly the very two zombie’s heads blew clean off their own shoulders, paying the price for sampling Demigod blood. Nishin Genma’s training and the Genma Visage allowed Ryuken to tap into his body’s full potential, easily shrugging off zombie viruses when others cannot. Worse, his body was booby-trapped in case anyone tried.
Frollo’s own exclamations on the speaker turned to stutters as the unfeeling Zombies in the death squad were starting to feel the same fear as the undead in Smallwood mine felt before an unbeatable foe. Wasting no time, Frollo left those zombie men to their fate as he bellowed for Varantyne and the remaining army of the H.O.A.S to step into the portal and proceed to Enjel.
By now Ryuken had seen through the Death Squad’s technique and speed. When they charged forward, instead of defending himself, Ryuken’s carefully applied strikes with psychic lightning claws that killed each and every member of the Death squad in one fell swoop. Now he could see where the wormhole was being summoned and he charged full steam ahead. The brothers and the H.O.A.D were already far ahead when he reached there, and he too made the leap into the wormhole. Suddenly, Alex sprang out of hiding and fired a psychic wave at her hated enemy. Ryuken was able to deflect it away, but the disorientating turbulence in the wormhole from Alex’s loss of control suddenly meant this Interstellar jump was an incredible gamble of whether he would make it through. It was a tough risk, but as a Genma Visage Demigod, he had to brace for the worst. The whole world Shuromij was at stake should he fail.

Across vast astronomical units in the abyss of space, Ryuken made it, plummeting from the wormhole in the stratosphere and touching down on the crystallised world of Engel like space debris. Had he taken Alex’s attack head-on or had the wormhole been any more turbulent, there was no telling where in the universe Ryuken would be off course. For all he knew, he could have wound up in the very black hole that this planet orbited.
Thankfully, the fact that he made it to Enjel, one of the first visitors since records began, was the good news, and then there was the bad. Being marginally thrown off course meant that the Brothers and the H.O.A.S were nowhere to be seen and they had a clear head start in their plans somewhere on Enjel’s horizon. Yet, Ryuken could soon feel the psychic aura of distress, terror, pain and then death as the mass murderers were clearly getting to work on the Enjel populace. Knowing where to go there was no time to waste. He hurtled forward by foot in the direction of where the Bloodfeud Nightmare was now unravelling.
Enjels thin atmosphere was too harsh for the majority of life forms of Earth and Shuromij, but besides Ryuken’s inhuman durability, his body was trained in Inanna to respire through communion with the life force of a planet or moon and as such felt no worse for wear. Familiar alien landscapes of great chasms of diamond rocks, although wondrous to the common explorer, held no glamour over Ryuken as he stayed headfast in his pursuit. He soon encountered the Enjel life forms, first their eviscerated remains in the H.O.A.S line of fire, then living bipedal specimens who were blue in colour with hoofed feet, an extra forearm and hand on each arm, with fairy-like wings and blooming crests across their bodies. They were just like the drawings in the visions back in Farcediim, Ryuken thought, and the Science evident in the mutative qualities in this world’s crystals painted him intrigued. What was more intriguing was that to these aliens their worst nightmare wasn't just the H.O.A.S. It was also Ryuken himself.
The Demigod observed as the Enjels skulked and hid behind cover as he ran by. By now he understood why the Enjel zombies felt fear from his presence before, the black flame that made Ryuken was the one weakness of the Enjel crystal’s substance. They could sense it within him. Their mutative properties didn’t work on him and his own power was the one thing that could halt their regenerative resilience and effectively kill them for good. To them, Ryuken was Death incarnate.
The Enjels were immortal but not invulnerable. Frollo and Dr. Varantyne had torn many of them asunder to drive this point home and demand what they were after. The grieving Enjel populace regretted granting the men the crystals when they were youths. They had no idea how badly this mistake would come back to haunt them. Worse, the House of All Saints knew exactly where they were heading. In the reservoirs of the purest strain of the Enjel substance, this genetically enhanced army could transform into unthinkably foul and supremely strong abominations. Ryuken may look like the devil but right there on Enjel, he was the only hope that both worlds had.
Through the psychic precognition of their dialect, Ryuken was able to understand the Enjels as he would his own language. Ensuring that he meant no harm, he convinced the traumatised Elder to point him in their direction. Swearing vengeance he stormed the hill of the reservoirs while the Enjels tended the wounded and dead. Ryuken had been developing a damning theory about the true nature of the Enjels and their origins the more he eyeballed their familiar auras and genetic makeup, but such a prospect along with racial relations had to wait until later. The final battle was waiting for him up ahead.

There in the dried up reservoirs, Ryuken found that in the genetic enhancements, Frollo kept the best for himself as commanding officer. He had mutated out of control into a giant cobra-monstrosity with all-seeing eyes across its body, a bat-like hood, teeth as long as bastard swords and a rattle made of human skulls at the end of its tail. His original upper torso rode the top of the cobra’s head like a mount bound by thick tendrils. His minions in the House of All Saints had evolved from zombies into crystallised vampires with enhanced speed and agility. On their agenda was to eviscerate the Shurokiu back home, washing the land with oceans of blood. It seemed like nothing was going to stop this apocalyptic horde, but Ryuken quickly put that to the test when he fell the first super vampire.
Upon seeing one of his men turned monster in pieces unable to get back up, Frollo did his best to bury the fear that while no mortal weapon could destroy the enhanced House of all Saints, Ryuken’s psychic powers could still send the lot of them to meet their maker. Yet Frollo himself had an unthinkable boost in power and found it pitiful that this upstart had the gull to kick a hornet’s nest. Issuing the command, the Undead hordes charged the Demigod at speeds excelling the Deathsquad. Readying a telekinetic Hook sword and shield, Ryuken returned the call to war. An onslaught of fierce fighting took place in that very chasm, as indeed Frollo’s men had the strength to utterly annihilate the armies of Shuromij. Yet flicking aside the acid spit from the giant cobra, the Genma Visage was something else entirely. Dodging all harm, pinballing from rock to cliff and riposting with greater ferocity, the crystal vampires soon met the way of severed flesh. One by one he took the lives of the House of All Saints, taunting Frollo back with the gesture of his movements a single analogy.

Teaching murderers to kill was one thing. Teaching men to fight was another. For all the unfathomable death toll accumulated between the two brothers, they and the House of All Saints were men who got by on easy weapons, cheap pickings and treacherous double-crossing kills. Innocent civilians and thuggish gangsters alike never gave Frollo and Varantyne the chance to improve as fighters, whereas Ryuken, a soldier trained in the thick of it, learnt the way of the warrior from all his lost battles alone. Trained in the toughest school in the solar system, surviving without shelter on uninhabitable territory in the spirit realms, ever able to adapt in the heat of combat with enhanced powers to boot, he would have been the ideal soldier for Nishin Genma and H.O.A.S alike. That he was a wild card who asked too many questions made Frollo hate him all the more.
The giant beast of city-scale destruction wouldn’t fold in this deadly game without unveiling his very own trump card. Frollo not only had the power to level skyscrapers with the gentlest touch but he could shift his huge mass across the battlefield at thunderous supersonic speeds, stunning Ryuken with the shock waves of such movements. The Genma visage subject was having a hard time as he took blow after blow, but it felt a waste to power up in attempts to match the monster's speed. Instead, the Demigod answered Frollo’s cunning by tapping into his deeper reserves of arcane magical abilities.
Frollo threw his jaws at the downed Demigod in an attempt to eat him, unaware that he was falling for a feint gesture. A cruel trap set by the hero, Ryuken deceived Frollo into eating an illusion of his being. The General realised the gravity of his mortal error all too late. The illusion was in fact exuded black flames of Ryuken’s summoning that mixed into the giant cobra’s system, penetrating his skin from within. Connected, Frollo’s hyper speeds meant nothing to Ryuken now. Frollo had preached venom and now swallowed it, and this venom gave Ryuken the teleporting control to rip out the beast’s innards and throw them across the battlefield without drawing a single wound. Frollo had been fatally maimed, and Ryuken mercilessly went in for the kill. Summoning the psychic lightning claws once more, the sharp tip of his weapon caught Frollo’s upper torso as it fell down from mid-air. Then with a great bolt, he blasted the evil general into the bone frame interiors. As the undead giant cobra stiffened and dissolved away in the distance, the Engel pure strain crystals that made this army what they were was to no avail. Retribution for their misdeeds, the House of All Saints had faced the gallows for the worst sinners, and Frollo’s forked tongue would hiss no more.
With him gone it was just Varantyne who was left to deal with now. He had been mutating the whole time in isolation across and over the canyon of the battlefield, and Ryuken was drawn over to where he could feel a new power brewing. Varantyne on his flesh mount laughed the loudest he had ever done in his life, deluded out of his brains with homicidal joy erupting like a fountain out his ears. Rising up was a giant, therapod dinosaur, with hooked talons on the feet, sword-like claws at the end of long arms, chitinous armour all over, studded spikes from head to tail tip, bright eyes like the moon and a long serrated snout ready to sink the serrated teeth into its prey. Freakish of all was the addition of barbed mantis-like pincers unfolding from the great beast's back and shoulder blades, with surreal bull-horn condor heads screeching and snapping their beaks in unison. Varantyne fancied himself on top of the food chain back in Tutoon, and now in his embellished power, he felt on top of the universe.
This was the first time Ryuken had met the legendary Demonic Terror when he reached the outskirts of that dried up reservoir, and in all his honesty beyond the hype, he wasn’t finding the man’s personality unique or interesting. He was just another thug who got his powers from the real masters pulling the strings.
In contrast, Varantyne sized up this tiny challenger to his peak power. Well accustomed to cannibalism at home, Varantyne had never tried the flesh nor the glowing red eyes of a Demigod. There was a first time for everything.

Responding to the gauntlet thrown, Varantyne had the sheer speed and strength of his brother, and in addition, had a colossal energy laser that could be fired from the mouth. In a hypersonic volley, the Dinosaur hurtled towards Ryuken, jaws wide open, ready to unleash his vaporising projectile. But was it enough?
From the bruises of the previous fight, Ryuken had already adjusted to Frollo’s speed and now knew how to counterattack. Energy claws still at hand and fully charged, Ryuken met Varantyne head-on in mid-air. The whole chasm shook with seismic aftershock as the victorious Ryuken’s attack pieced the tip of the dinosaur and sliced its way through the entire giant’s body like a buzzsaw through weakened wood. Varantyne’s upper torso flew through the air feeling an agony he had never felt and crashed to the ground. Ryuken landed and retracted his claws. The two halves of the mutant reptile fell apart and sizzled like meat on the frying pan. A fatal dose of Psychic electricity had been delivered, impending doom was now certain.

Severed from the main body of the mutant dinosaur, Varantyne in the past had the vigour to get back up from punishment that would have killed a man many times over thanks to the Enjel formula. But now, Ryuken’s psychic electricity was doing its work and burning far quicker than Varantyne could heal. There across the rocks as the severed dinosaur body was atomised, Varantyne finally knew death. His final thoughts; for all the mass murder that gave the man no joy, Varantyne realised how much the adventure meant to him, how much he craved one more killing spree. Now he could only give in to the pain and expire. The electricity skeletonised his body in smoke and cinders. The Demonic Terror had finally passed on.
Ryuken spat a wad of blood on the face of Varantyne’s remains. There were few words strong enough in any alien dialect to describe this man, but he took at least one comfort to the heart. If Varantyne sought Heaven on Planet Enjel, then Ryuken was proud to be the grim reaper that sent the mass murderer on the journey he deserved, because now this butcher had every bit of Hell to look forward to.
In the end, however, Frollo and the House of All Saints were the real ringleaders behind the Demonic Terror legend. They engineered and fuelled Varantyne as well as creating the zombies, all leading to a master plan at the expense of so many lives. The biggest irony of all was that they were supplied by the one group of beings who did have noble intentions, however misguided. Fate had wiped its unclean backside across Shuromij when the Engels chose these would-be murderers for their heralds, but why choose Ryuken’s home planet and how did they get there in the first place?
Ryuken gathered his strength to attempt settling diplomatic relations as the surviving Enjels came out of hiding. The Enjel leader thanked Ryuken with all her heart, now realising that he was not a devil like they once feared. As gratitude quickly dissolved into religious sermon, Ryuken did his best to listen, but as the Elder talked his clairvoyant eyes realised something. His mind focused on a sudden truth that explained bountiful volumes.
The Enjels were genetically Shurokiu in origin, Ryuken’s very own base species. 3000 years ago during the invasion of his world, the Ogoncho Empire took many captives from his populace back to their homeworlds across the big dipper constellation. Those Imperialistic rulers were also experts in interstellar travel. When the genetic plague launched by Nishin Genma wiped out the Ogoncho Empire on their homeworlds, it was likely that many refugees broke free and used their wormhole technologies to travel anywhere as far away as possible.
Clearly many female refugees ended up here and the rest was history. The powers of the Enjel crystals provided them with sustenance, immortality and their aforementioned “cosmic wisdom” but 3000 years of staying here had mutated their bodies and spirits into what they were today. Their attempts to use the planets magic to open up wormholes and visit Shuromij (and other worlds where ancient refugees settled) were an unconscious longing to be back with their former species, and by spiritual essence they knew where to go.
All this information Ryuken kept to himself, knowing that trying to explain the method in their own madness was a lost cause. 3000 years of intoxication on these crystals eroded any scientific common sense and rational judgement they had. Of course, the blood wasn’t on their hands for visiting Shuromij bearing gifts. Frollo and Varantyne’s conscious actions were a different story altogether. But while Ryuken had no intention of pressing charges, he balked when the Village Elder came full circle in her sermon and offered him a role as their protector in exchange for wisdom and a safe home to stay. They made a grave mistake in choosing the brothers as heralds for peace. What made them any wiser for choosing the Demigod as their saviour?
The Elder didn’t understand why Ryuken rejected her offer, but his ensuing Ultimatum to the Enjel world was clear. He wouldn’t seek his pound of flesh from the Engels so long as they stayed away from Shuromij. Ryuken vengefully left them with the warning he would later give to many other insincere charities; unless you’re prepared to get down to the same level with the rest of the people and see what they go through, then don’t pretend you know what’s best for someone you’ve never met.
As the Engels scratched their heads in wonder, Ryuken was already lost to the horizon. The wormhole back to Shuromij was still open. Ryuken teleported up and journeyed back home, the first and last man to visit this planet of twisted immortality and walk out alive, leaving the Engels to clean up their own mess.

Nightfall was upon Ronaldroz when Ryuken returned to Shuromij as the wormhole closed behind him. Now it was just a case of facing Alex, but in his absence, an explosive burst of mutation transformed the girl into a Zombie titan that absorbed the cadavers from the town’s famous cemeteries. She had hoped to have exceeded her father and uncle’s wildest expectations but was heartbroken when Ryuken revealed they had both been expired by himdelf personally. The Demigod gave Alex quarter as her agonised howls and screams could be heard across the charred town. She lashed out to and fro as pain turned into hateful anger. Alex now had every cell in her body intent on destroying her father’s killer.
Ryuken himself was seeing the truth of Alex’s condition with saddened clairvoyant eyes. In his life, he was all too familiar with inherited guilt; genetic weakness and the very sins of the father. In many similar stories, mad scientists were too blind to see that genetic formulas engineered to empower individuals often had disastrous effects on the person’s future generations, regardless of whether or not the offspring inherits the boons of the parent.
In Varantyne’s daughter, her genetic defects covered far greater ground across her whole existence. Alex was never going to have her own life. The inherited Enjel formula didn’t just grant her unholy powers nor were the two merely related by blood. She was always part of Varantyne’s soul, an extended physical copy of his psyche, a child clone of her father. They were one and the same.
Even with the Enjel’s whispers and Frollo’s influence, there was nothing in her life that taught her to commit the same mass murder her father did before. These violent actions were memories, instincts, and joy absorbed from Varantyne himself. Worse, as a carefree child, she had even less moral, logical restraint. The rotten seed’s power was greater than Varantyne’s and the more lives she stole from Shuromij would make her greater still. Now that she was a Zombie titan, Alex was never going to stop killing, never going to stop enjoying the carnage.
Even still, Ryuken had no satisfaction in the ending a child’s life.
Alex sent tidal waves of psychic mind blasts upon Ryuken, swatting him again with a hideous club hand, pushing him deeper into a crater, but to no avail. Her powers were still no match for his, and he couldn’t let this go on any further. With a sigh, Ryuken ended the Demonic Terror within the Bloodfeud nightmare. He jumped up and fried Alex’s skull with a Psychic thunderbolt, blasting apart her upper torso. The night sky around Ronaldroz was illuminated with a force that could be seen by the outer civilians and authorities approaching the ravaged town.
Now, it was finally over.
The evidence to incriminate Frollo would have reached the U.N.S by then, and upon further investigation, the name of the House of All Saints would be forever blackened by their misdeeds. Nevertheless, Ryuken knew the media and other sources would still quickly blame him personally for many problems, even the destruction of Ronaldroz. It was far easier to pin it all on the monsters rather than the mortal men and women who created them. No doubt that many radical groups would unite behind all manners of crazy slogans to further deface the Demigod’s intervention; such was the price for having superhuman endurance.
But standing over the dissolving body of Alex a job had been done. Tutoon had been rid of three of its biggest mass murderers in recent history as well as a potential zombie apocalypse, though not before they committed further genocide. The loss of innocence was all that Ryuken cared for now. That much he would meditate on.

With the mission accomplished, Ryuken informed Hanale to rest easy on his own safety. One day into being a new and improved Demigod for Shuromij and Ryuken had already been thrust deep into a pulse-pounding venture, and further sickening disasters were on their way. Ryuken admitted that he could have been at peace if he stayed on the world of Enjels, no longer deluding himself with fantasies of progress. Yet his duty was to his own people and especially to Usheana Mano. Besides, he had learned from Nishin Genma to never get involved with such dubious characters.
The House of All Saints further taught Ryuken that self-proclaimed “heroes” with powers or high tech were not going to heal the world either. “Saviour” can be a trivial if not insulting word that can be quickly sullied by the scandalous actions and fatal motives of glass-jawed miscreants. But what of ordinary folks of compassionate nature? Surely they were better suited to building a better world than super-weapons?
Sadly for Ryuken, the ends were often different from the means, and he could only hope the aim of his blood-stained weapons would always drive home into the right adversaries in question, hence his personal loathing to the title of Ultimate Weapon.
In the meantime, the Demigod who wanted to be free from it all would call it a day. As the sun rose again across the world of Shuromij, floating on that revolving asteroid, Ryuken got his first decent night’s sleep since he returned from Inanna. What to do about a world that wanted to kill him he would figure out tomorrow.

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