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The Story So Far
by Thomas Tuke

The Chronicles of the Genma Visage disasters originate from the World of Shuromij. Floating within a dimensional rift linking Solar System's Asteroid belt to Planet Earth, this flat continental world orbits the Sun while rotating to the presence of the great wormhole Inanna that opens a path into perilous outer-space dimensions. Maintained by Dark energy matter and spiritual life forces from the wormhole, Shuromij functions like Planet Earth but exhibits a far more exotic and Alien landscape. Amongst the countless creatures and life forms to exist in this world, the most prominent would be the Shurokiu. These are sentient beings that evolved over millions of years from Hydra dragons into near-perfect humans with webbed ears, reptilian features and dormant genetic strengths unheard of in primates. In their prehistoric age, the Shurokiu developed potent psychic powers. Little did they realise in their primitive minds that true mastery of psychic energy comes from having a body conditioned and prepared for such power, which the Shurokiu people did not have. Before long, the Shurokiu overexerted themselves. Save for the minority that did not exhibit any powers, most of Shuromij fell to the pandemic of ESP poisoning. Cancer, Swollen Skulls, and Organ failure killed millions of Shurokiu, and the more severe deaths included self-combustion and mutating into hopeless monstrosities resembling dead foetuses.

Having survived these dark times, what was left of the now paranoid Shurokiu race struggled with the shame of misusing powers beyond their control. Since their near-extinction, they now also had to combat their Therianthropic maladies, the Drago Visage. Through injury or great stress, this transformation turns Shurokiu into mindless reptilian monsters that slaughter anything in their path, including friends and family. Worse still were the threats of foreign invasion by alien competitors and dimension-traveling beings coming from the wormhole, but the Shurokiu would not give up their land without a fight. Shurokiu civilisation gathered itself, evolving from the primal Tribes of before. Governmental bodies and Organisations were formed throughout Shuromij to establish order, arming the people with weapons and technology. One of the most dominant of these organisations was Nishin Genma, the self-proclaimed Lightbearers for their race. Little was known about this shady and occult order other than that they had delved into the dark arts surrounding Psychic powers. Although initially shunned for the use of these feared abilities, Nishin Genma offered the most advanced pharmaceuticals, technology, the best-trained Psychic Warriors and finally a cure for the hated Drago Visage transformation. Providing much more, Nishin Genma were hailed as heroes of Shuromij for thousands of years, bringing forth good health and protection with the aid of their army of powerful, psychic fighters.

Thanks to Nishin Genma and other leading movements, Shuromij had conquered past mistakes and blossomed into a self-made Utopia. Highly advanced in technology and progressing well from the near extinction millennia ago, Shurokiu Society measures itself less on material wealth as it does physical health and wellbeing, courtship and family, and to reproduce and pass on the best genes. Because their progress has been phenomenal over the past 9000 years, however, the Shurokiu, for all of their diplomacy, can have a distinctive attitude towards other races. This often ranges from being pompous to being outright Xenophobic, ironic as the Shurokiu know all too well about the definition of monsters and the battles with their own inner demons.

Nevertheless, the Higher Elites of Nishin Genma were not satisfied with their most prominent pharmaceuticals or the most powerful of their custom-made Psychic Warriors. Nishin Genma was making bigger, bolder steps in the name of progress to supersede the successes of the past. In doing so, the true colours of the Elite's nature began to paint a much darker picture.

Although they had concocted the formulas to suppress and eliminate the Shurokiu's dreaded Therianthropic transformation, Nishin Genma was fascinated with the Drago Visage form which they believed its power could be harnessed and explored to reach phenomenal levels. Through many errors, Nishin Genma attempted to control the Impossible Drago Visage form through gene splicing and psychic mutation. The Latter had disastrous consequences, as volunteers were metamorphosed into the super demons known as the Youkai; powerful misshapen horrors with twisted powers and weapon-like genitalia. Like the Drago Visage of ancient Shurokiu history, these Psychotic monsters lived only to prey on the living. Nishin Genma disposed of them quickly before the populace could pick up on this newest threat.

Many experiments in creating the Youkai took place on Nishin Genma's "towers of silence," often during the day, where able bodies were purified by the basking gaze of the sun. What was achieved was a far cry from a victory over evil. Still, much was learned from their many failures. The blood of the dead simply fuelled the progress of the living. The loss of lives was of no consequence to Nishin Genma, so long as their path to victorious supremacy was clear and free from obstacles. As the grandmasters of practiced ESP powers at the time, the Elites of Nishin Genma were most cunning in sealing off their secrets and covering their tracks by any means. Anyone that knew too much of the Elite's inner workings, including agents of the lower ranks, were instantly butchered or captured and sent to the Towers of Silence for experimentation. Some were even sent on suicide missions or disposed of on planet Earth. Their ensured deaths were often used as misaligned martyrs for the Shurokiu people to worship, which would rally support for Nishin Genma's policies in full. As they continued to write and rewrite history at will, Nishin Genma would begin to fathom their own destiny throughout the ages as they dug through the archaeological ruins of Shuromij and beyond back to the Protodynastic times of the Shurokiu race.

The ambitious leaders of Nishin Genma finally came full circle. They learned that the 9000-year-old history of their group was founded on the quest to rule all with brutal fists far stronger than iron, wielding the victorious weapons of conquest. When the ancient recipes for these weapons were unearthed from uncharted ruins of Earth's catacombs and presented by the bruised hands of slaves, the Elites of Nishin Genma knew that their grand plan could now come to fruition. Utilising the apprehended lost chapters of the Book of the dead, Nishin Genma's scientists practiced a psychic form of mummification, transporting the souls of the hosts into the uncharted lands of the underworld to empower and baptise their spiritual energies within the legendary Black fires of the Duat. Such primordial energies that even Demons and the Devil himself fear above all else spelled instant death on many of those unfortunate enough to partake in the experiments. For the mere fraction that did survive, the volunteers did not rise from the cocooned rubble as Shurokiu. They rose as beings that struck terror into both the Apex predators of the day and the darkest creatures of the night, as beings that dwarfed every arms race throughout history. Shuromij's Demigods had arrived; long sought for a cure of past diseases, created out of malice, embellished with the most powerful psychic magic known, and carnivorously hungry for war.

With their minds swimming with their own psychic corruption and maniacal, megalomaniac ambitions, the Elites were quick to act now that their ultimate weapons were in their grasp. Unleashing their wrath in a surprise attack on Shuromij governments, they bluntly made attempts on various leaders lives to establish Nishin Genma as the whole law of Shuromij. To create further panic whilst taking omnipotent strides with their demoniac egos, the shameless leaders of Nishin Genma let loose their other experiments to further impede all resistance. It was unsettling enough that the Shurokiu has faced the Youkai enemy throughout time. To discover that those who fought them were, in fact, those who created them through trial and error was an impossible truth for the Shurokiu to face as abominations rained down from the sky, ready to cleave and rend all flesh that lay in their path.

Only the intervention of a failed experiment presumed dead, a Demigod called Ryuken Kage, would stop such evil from prevailing. As an ex-member of Nishin Genma's warrior branch, this mutant protector was not welcomed by the Shurokiu based on his former ties. For now, however, Shuromij and Planet Earth must endure the legacy of Nishin Genma's vile experiments, and Ryuken has much ground to cover to stop the Youkai, find their creators and track down their penultimate ringmasters, including his former mentor Jacobi Ninjojakal. It was him who first found the lost chapters and it's anyone's guess as to where he found them and what other items of discovery that he kept to himself, but it is certain that it was there that Jacobi learnt the secrets of total psychic self-nullification, making him a very hard adversary to track for Ryuken's precognition.

6 years have now passed since the Genma Visage experiments and Nishin Genma's uprising. During this time, Ryuken has been hunting down Jacobi while encountering and slaying many youkai, demons, former Nishin Genma criminals, mutant experiments and their creators. The power of the Nishin Genma War Frenzy keeps Ryuken fit for battle, enabling him to absorb the Soul Energy of dying foes and commune with the life forces of the world, but it offers temporal kindling to the relentless woe that weighs down on his emotional shoulders. Caught between the worlds of Earth, Shuromij and the otherworldly Dimensions through the wormhole Inanna, Ryuken walks the land driven by an obsession to bring this vile legacy to an end, all too aware of the pitiful journey of his life that’s led him to this point. What’s more, he knows that his restless quest for vengeance could well be the end of him, but damned if he'll let another innocent suffer under his watch or allow history to repeat itself.

Ryuken himself is a man of many faces depending on who interprets him. Some see him as a saviour. Some their god of protection, blood, war or chaos based on the faith, and some consider him to be an eternal pursuer of red herrings. For the most part, his own race and the majority of humans who know of him resent him as a monster, especially when they know that he is a product of Nishin Genma's experiments. Ironically, Ryuken appreciates this resentment, believing this will deter anyone from following in Nishin Genma's footsteps, and he remains constantly wary of any hypocritical hostility that the one pointing the finger may hide. What's more, Ryuken wears Nishin Genma's trademark Insignia with shame; to remind him of the lengths that bad men will go for power and what is now expected of him. Furthermore, the Insignia on his amulet is based on an extension of the totem of the Hydra God Nishin that the Shurokiu worship. The religion of Nishin reflects the Shurokiu's genetic evolutionary routes from the Hydras of the Triassic age of Shuromij's history. That Ryuken wears hydra earrings and that he was originally created to control the dreaded Drago Visage adds another dimension to interpreting him, that he is simply a distorted and bastardized reflection of the Shurokiu's struggle through time.

Curiously, Ryuken's girlfriend, Usheana frequently referred to him by the nickname "Orca" which he often accepted more than his real name. As it is a term from her native culture, Usheana gave him this name to boost his spirits after his hardships. As legend would have it, Orca was the term for the strongest warriors who would descend into the deepest depths of the ocean straight into hell and back. Little did anyone realise the irony in those words. One thing is for certain, as Ryuken has survived the black fires of the Duat, he'll go to a place far beyond hell for the slimmest chance of saving his beloved Usheana.

Genma Visage and its related works are Copyright © to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.