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Trained in Animation, History and Design, relentlessly committed through education and professionalism, my love forges my resolve against tribulation. Through traditional and digital mediums, I'm flexible to brave new challenges. In 16 years of hard work wielding cartoon appeal with passionate storytelling, I've taken the breath away from many returning clients across the Globe. If you're entertained by my quality sorcery, I pledge my Brush, Pencils, Inks to you now.

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Key Skills:

• Excellent Draftsmanship in Traditional and Digital Formats.
• Keen Eye for Concepts and Storyboarding; brings vital depth to unique characters and settings.
• Proficient with Adobe Suite, 3D Studio Max, MS Office, Video, Audio, Animation and General Software.
• Writing talent: Scripter, Novelist, and Archivist.
• Strong abilities in Research, Critical Analysis and Market Exploration.
• Flexible in Graphic Design Print including Organising, Presenting, Publishing and Promotion. Past Services include Books, Banners, Labels, Cards, Flyers and more.
• Web Design talent and online management with knowledge in coding and FTP applications.

Summary Rules, Terms and Conditions (07/10/2022):

. I'll draw anything from Trees, Plants, Flowers, Portraits, Landscapes to the many different flavours of Science-Fiction Fantasy, but Offensive Material, Discrimination, Bad Taste or Stuff that lands you in jail are Big No-Nos. I reserve my right to assess and refuse certain requests at will.
. I don't commit to giving freebies, trades, or art competitions.
Rates and rules are subject to revision and updates between commissions.
All finished artwork will be uploaded onto my online galleries as I deem appropriate. If this presents a problem, please let me know.
As the Illustrator I reserve the rights to my artwork in regards to licensing, ownership, residuals and royalties.
Works in progress will be available for critique but huge reboots or changing the idea halfway are not viable.
All decisions upon receiving payment and the project start are final. No refunds during or after a commission.
. I remain open for payment plans for very large projects, although deposits for each stage must be made up front.


Genma Visage and its related works are Copyright © to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.