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2022 Events to be announced. Youtube Vlogs and Draw Streams on their way. Please support my Patreon if you wish to see unique updates.

Available for all other inquiries.



Many thanks for your interest. Browse further in the gallery section for ideas, or if you already know what you're after, check the rates and rules below and email me at for a quote and payment details. I look forward to hearing from you! x x -Thomas Tuke.


Simple / Cartoony
(per Character\Object\Background)


Flat Simple Colours:
£45 Extra
Tonal Simple Colours: £72 Extra

Detailed / Realistic
(per Character\Object\Background)


Flat Detailed Colours:
£63 Extra
Tonal Detailed Colours: £108 Extra
Fully Painted \ Textured Colours (requires Inks as baseline):
£203 Extra (or £365 total)

Design Charge (if applicable \ requested):

£130-£175 per page of sketches \ thumbnails depending on the commission.

(Full-scale Paintings & Illustrations, Magazines, Books, Storyboards, Covers, Concept Art, Designs, Employment etc):
Please Email me at Quotes for these are assigned on a case by case basis depending on time, resources, workload and relevant offers in return. Approximate rate of an "outside studio" basis is £380 per day.

General Rules, Terms and Conditions (07/10/2021):

. Rates are quoted for full body shots. Bust portraits and head shots, depending on detail required can be tailored accordingly in price.
I can draw anything from Trees, Plants, Flowers to Portraits & Landscapes to the many different flavours of Science-Fiction Fantasy. While Genma Visage is an Adults-Only Horror, I will not draw anything you wouldn't want your family to see, including Offensive Material, Discrimination, Bad Taste or Stuff that would land me in jail. I additionally reserve my right to assess and refuse certain requests at will.
. Sorry guys, please don't ask for freebies or summon me for art competitions. Art trades lean on a very big maybe.
. Rates and rules are subject to revision and updates between commissions.
. Digital Convention artwork can come with a quick complimentary backdrop or background of reference. Detailed backgrounds including interactive elements are subject to additional charges.
. All finished artwork will be uploaded onto my online galleries. If this presents a problem, please let me know.
. As the Illustrator I reserve the rights to my artwork in regards to licensing, ownership, residuals and royalties. Published work and Long Term Commissions will have prices tailored accordingly.
Please state clearly, provide references if possible and be certain of requested idea early on. I will show works in progress for critique as I go along but huge reboots or a change of ideas halfway through a commission are not viable.
. All the rates are quoted on the Illustration size of A4 \ A3 \ Graphic tablet space. Even larger scale work such as Wall Spray-paintings comes into the pricing category of Longer Term commissions.
. All decisions upon receiving payment and the project start are final. No refunds during or after a commission.
. I remain open for payment plans for very large projects, although deposits for each stage must be made up front. Naturally. paying for the whole large sum up front will gain my undivided attention.
. For Postage of original Traditional commission, an additional fee based on destination will incur.

Genma Visage and its related works are Copyright © to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.