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Genma Visage is a brutally hardcore comic straight from the U.K. Indie Scene; an outlandish tale of psychic demonic mutations, ancient cults, and a rogue Demigod screaming for vengeance.

Enter Ryuken Orca Kage, a battle-scarred mercenary and member of the humanoid race, the Shurokiu. A former agent of Nishin Genma, Ryuken's tragic life has been ravaged by the Order's hardships. Shunned by the Shurokiu for his shape-shifting heritage, Ryuken leaps for a cure upon Nishin Genma's chance offer, but only after mutation under the Genma Visage did he uncover his Master's interplanetary attrocities committed secretly in search of the Ultimate Weapon. Although labeled a failed experiment, Ryuken uses his enhanced fighting powers, vowing to end Nishin Genma's horrific millennia-spanning conquest.


Thomas Tuke is a Sequential Artist and Illustrator from jolly London. Since he first waved a magic crayon across a wall, the art-bewitched Scallywag has splashed many spells onto pages throughout the years, from the underground to mainstream to current self-publishing. Whatever fantasy world he explores past, present and future, be it the whimsical, the hard-hitting, or ancient ruins, Tuke pioneers for adventure. If the Moon is right, he'll also leave his catacombs and haunt folks online and at live shows, gauging the outside world.



Genma Visage and its related works are Copyright © to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.