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Genma Visage is one of the most hardcore of Comics in the London Indie Scene; an outlandish tale of psychic demonic mutations, occult orders, and a rogue Demigod screaming for vengeance.

Enter Ryuken "Orca" Kage, a battle-scarred mercenary and member of the humanoid race, the Shurokiu. Formerly an agent of the Nishin Genma group, Ryuken's painful life has been fraught with tragedy and the harsh trials of his profession. Shunned by his own people for his shape-shifting heritage, Ryuken leaps at the chance for a cure upon his master's offer. But only after his mutation under the Genma Visage did he discover Nishin Genma's secret corrupt ambition for the Ultimate Weapon and their horrific atrocities committed upon the worlds. Labeled a failed experiment, Ryuken now uses his enhanced powers and fighting prowess, vowing to unravel Nishin Genma's ancient, bloody history and stop their mad conquest once and for all.


Thomas Tuke is a London-based Sequential Artist, Illustrator and Self-Publisher with 15 years of experience, wielding cartoon appeal and passionate storytelling in his breathtaking paintings, ink drawings and comic books. Graduating in Animation, History and Design, Thomas has worked hard on Murky Depths Magazine and more, bringing entertainment to returning clients across the Globe.
His enthusiastic devotion is available for commissioned projects and employment in the field.

Key Skills:
• Excellent Draftsmanship in Traditional and Digital Formats.
• Keen Eye for Concepts and Storyboarding; brings vital depth to unique characters and settings.
• Proficient with Adobe Suite, 3D Studio Max, MS Office, Video, Audio, Animation and General Software.
• Writing talent: Scripter, Novelist, and Archivist.
• Strong abilities in Research, Critical Analysis and Market Exploration.
• Flexible in Graphic Design Print including Organising, Presenting, Publishing and Promotion. Past Services include Books, Banners, Labels, Cards, Flyers and more.
• Web Design talent and online management with knowledge in coding and FTP applications.


Genma Visage and its related works are Copyright © to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.