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So your bravery has brought you this far...Witness from the depths of London Underground
a Comic Art and Illustration website of intense horror-themed proportions!

Recommended for Adult Viewers.


For millennia, Earth and Planet Shuromij have been plagued by Psychic monsters from Otherworldly Dimensions. Worse of all, most of them are Man-Made! Hungry for power, the once-hailed Occult order of Nishin Genma was secretly playing God, creating the same extra-sensory creatures they swore to fight which threaten the galaxy itself.

But standing his ground against such a blasphemous legacy is a former Nishin Genma disciple reborn as a Mutant Demigod through Baptism in the Black Fires of Hades itself. He is Ryuken Kage, the sole survivor of their ultimate weapon program, the Genma Visage!

In their wicked experiments, his former masters sought to find the Cure. They created only a Disease. Now Ryuken will stop it Spreading!

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Upcoming Events:::

New York Comic Con x MCM Comicon Metaverse:
Artist Alley

8th-16th October 2020

Available for all other inquiries.


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Righty-Ho! It's been ages since a good'ol news update besides the info in uploads on D.A. and Facebook.

First up: you may recall my registration for the New York x MCM Metaverse. Well, it turns out it came and went, almost without me knowing, with no follow-up email. I only clocked this by a chance google search. But yes, the organisers were kind enough to promote my site and wares on the Exhibitor section. Howeve,r it was just a link and description only and not (yet) the potential Zoom convention that I had envisioned. Video Podcasts were naturally prioritised for mainstream celebrities. Still, it's better than a kick in the head, and I would like to try other events in the future. If you're a new fan who's chased me up through the Metaverse, hello and welcome!

Layout changes have been made to the website. The social media buttons are more pronounced for the benefit of phones and tablets. I intend to fill the left menu bar with links and bonus ads in the future. The animated GIF at the top right highlighting the Hot Sales Item brings me to another prudent change; how to order products.
Now customers can pay directly through a Paypal button which rings my bell when each sale is made. Shipping out all printed books myself, originally I had an "email barter" system where customers mailed me personally asking for what they want and transfer the money. The idea was for me to give them a price based on destination. Upon observing crowd-funded models, I realised clients are less bothered about postage costs, so I decided to have a flat
5 charge on a Paypal sale, which is usually the price for shipping at the post office anyway. It may go up, may go down, but I'd say it offers a more welcoming sales interface rather than the email route which may have worried customers about "facing the dragon", so to speak.
Speaking of swords and sorcery, I hear we have a new Court Jester in the White House, but while everyone else was putting their faith in politics, I was doing research for my next book! Tickling my sweet tooth for info, I recently delved deep into Tantric lore and history, my attention arrested by statured couples making ancient whoopee. So much so that I've decided to rename a certain side project of oriental wonder.After a tough call on shortlisted names I feel the new title, Lust of the Dakini best suits the story I want to tell, particularly with the fierce, lusty aspects of the mythological deities in question. With over 9 years development, such changes aren't new, but although it's a fantasy story with loose references, much of the influence at present leans towards Indus folklore, so why not streamline aspects in that direction? I'm insisting the character names will stay the same though. The creative history of LOTD is a tale for another day, but not being wasteful, "Marid" will be used for a future character.

As revealed in my recorded videos on my social media, I have many sketches and Ink drawings for both projects scanned and ready for viewing, the latter of which I'd like to colour in. I've got the software for Youtube now, giving room for testing. I have considered Twitch and Picarto as well, yet, my favoured channels are on youtube, and I intend to howl like a monkey at their doors for a spot in their shows. Additionally, my Youtube or Patreon may lean on what the masses have to say, unless of course said masses are cool with me going freestyle!
Finally, a store for T-shirts and Prints; It's going to be a thing, folks! I've registered with a few sites and I'm aiming to have products up hopefully by the 1st week of December, in time to get the Crimbo shenanigans going!
Until next time, I'm available for work, available for conventions \ podcasts \ interviews etc and I jolly hope you keep well. Newbies, if you haven't grabbed a book, GRAB IT NOW! It'll score you more birds than Baby Yoda dolls. -Tuke


I've been a chatty chap for sure as of late!

I have been recently swapping words with none other than Chris Braly of alternate Comic News and Media Site Bleeding Fool, who offered me a spotlight in an Indie article on their site to which I complied. I quickly knocked this picture out for my site and media accounts. I'll admit I'm blowing a bit of smoke, but more importantly I wanted to blow the cobwebs from my Newsreel, and what better way to do so than Firebrand on and on about my experience in comics, the creation process and influences.

Shoutouts to familiar names including my compadre Curt Sibling are also abundant. Of course, because I'm 3rd one down, I don't mind insisting that you have a good glance as well at fellow Indie creators Nicholas Mueller and Roland Mann who offer most useful info on their delightful works, life stories and insights into crowdfunding. I'm chasing these guys up as we speak. Raise your fist in the air and celebrate the Indies, the future of the Comic Industry!


First up, as you can see, I'm going to be keep routinely adding a picture to the newsreel to make the future articles and minor updates more appealing to look at.

Above is a little something I worked on when submitting for the potential E-Virtual Convention scheme for this October from Reed Pop a.k.a the chaps who run MCM Expo, in coalition with the New York Comicon. Not much, but nevertheless, a mish-mash of different art pieces in the comic. I might have a go with alternatives such as the Book 0 part 2 unique emblem.

Sorry that I haven't been able to get much finished pieces out lately. I've got a pile lined up along with other ideas in the pipeline so I am productive. My Facebook and Instagram have showcased some of my sketches. Otherwise, I've mostly been working on marketing and networking duties as of the past few months, which means a good share of research, website \ social media tweaking and a massive chunk of email writing. All laborious stuff as one man, but surviving. Eventually, the finito button will be clicked and new arts will come pouring into this gallery. Until then, the best way to get me to drop everything like a ton of bricks is to commission me. Will speak more soon on the MCM update.


Boo! How's it going?

I recently added links on my website menu to my growing outposts to
LinkedIn, Pinterest, Pixiv(!) and Youtube, the last of which I've resurrected from being an archive storage for early day animations. I dusted off the cobwebs and given the channel a new lick of paint. I can't promise when I'll start adding new videos just yet, but I would love to do art demonstrations, explain my techniques and I certainly haven't ruled out animations in the future either. All of which will include my commentary, the odd inoffensive rant here and there, and more content based on feedback and suggestions. Can I confirm if I will be dressing up like a Muppet just like the other famous Video Bloggers out there? Time will tell (and money talks).

Although I'll keep my LinkedIn account alive, I consider its presence on the site a placeholder as I feel the overall business etiquette there is different from the marketing personality of my website. What will take that spots place would be an upcoming link to a new Gumroad Account or something similar, whichever I think is great for selling Prints and T-shirts.
Otherwise, in the meantime, I'm trying my luck with Pixiv as an additional Art media. It'll be interesting to see how my manga-influenced work has an impact on the locals there.

Look after yourselves and keep well, my friends! x -TomT


Tuke's been on camera once or twice!

If you recall my outing to the ICE Brighton Comicon back in 2017, I did, in fact, get a bit of internet screentime throughout, particularly in this first video to be showcased where I stealthily slivered into view at about the 2-minute mark. Other folks may recognise their presence at this fair throughout this video.

Admittedly when I first watched this again I thought, "God! Is that what I sound like in recording? What a dope!" coupled with the fact that I think my attention was spread out like it normally is at an active convention plus I got up early to lug heavy luggage from London to Brighton. But other than that, nice to see I look cheerful on camera, and I more or less stick to every word mentioned here.

I'm just keeping my eye out now for the interview I did at the MCM's last year. In any case, to those who got me on camera, as well as to those visiting the table, many thanks again for your interest. :)

2nd video in question from Bleeding Cool with my brief cameo.


Okay, update on the Online store:
There is something of a project to be a had regarding getting items published on Comixology, including an approval phase and the workload phase on their end, which normally entails that it takes a month or so overall for Comixology to post their edition of the work. Ego, this may be a slow and steady project in my spare time before things come full circle.

THAT being said, you can still grab Genma Visage right now off
Artstation and Amazon Kindle! In fact, I hear if they're available on Kindle by proxy Comixology app users can purchase them as well, so it's still win-win at the moment!
Now you still have to register with Artstation to purchase like most online stores, so I still have the paypal and wetransfer option if people would prefer that. Take a view in the
store section.

Looking ahead, reprints of the Books will still be done because that's still a biz that sells like hotcakes. Amazon through Kindle does offer a printed Paperback edition to which I shall take a view. Besides my current stock left over, as I whole I shall take a view on marketing strategy in the coming months and work from there. To the victor of strategies go the spoils!


I am pleased to announce that at long last, after years of toiling on my comics, of months of formatting on and off between real-life while sizing up the marketing, my works will finally be available on Comixology. I've sent the go-ahead along with the profile page of TukeWorks Productions and right now the Comixology developers are now looking over it to configure the books for their app. I could expect a hiccup along the way, but it looks like nothing I can't handle. We'll see how it pans out.

I've also made moves to have these books available on Kindle and Artstation. The files are in fact ready on standby, ready for a click of a few buttons, but along with Comixology's review process, I'm proofreading the terms and conditions right until the do-or-die moment. Additionally, to spread my reach further, Genma is likely to have a spot on Comichaus as well because why have one when you can have more? Pick your poison.

Until then, I respect the Apps as they are, but otherwise, you can, of course, get the PDF files straight from me personally!

Simply browse the
book page, select the books you want, email me at and I'll arrange the payment details and the transfer. I also have some hard physical copies left over which have been slashed in price and ready for mailing (postal fees apply). So what are you waiting for? There hasn't been a better time to grab London Underground's most high-impact Action-Horror Comic!

With this milestone, the question is where do we go from here, apart from more books maybe? Well, I've had my eyes set on Merch for a time, and have handpicked a selection to go follow that idea through. T-shirts and Large prints in full colour will be the next thing to splash across the store, and not a moment too soon when Summer is now here with soaring temperatures included. It's exciting days ahead, guys and you're welcome to be a part of it. Raise your glasses to the future. x -TomT


Ello-ello! I'm alive and well. I'm otherwise happy and I hope you all are as well. My recent art has more or less acted as my form of diary during the lockdown period as it has always done. I've had plenty of long walks and shaved my own head to boot. Because I'm a driven chap in my work, I seldom step outside to comment on outside topics in my journals the same way I may strike a conversation in real life. In this instance, I'll offer commentary on a certain subject that landed in my inbox a few weeks back.

London MCM Expo May 2020, the one I decided to forego, was initially pushed back and now unsurprisingly it has been cancelled. In fact, the MCM group has cancelled all their conventions up until October so far including Scotland MCM, my other staple convention, and I imagine all the others after will be out the window too. When San Diego Comic-Con is knocked on the head, it's an eye-opener for the future of the Comicon's existence. It's also an interesting time to be a Comic Creator, and with sheer hard work and persistent drive like I've always done, a man can allow for some optimism at the end of the tunnel. Since the steadily declining output of revenue at MCM London I always I wanted to explore pastures new, and the evolution of networking is something I'd have joy in growing with. I do hope that I can return to the joy of Comicons in the distant future, and not to mention on a personal note do some World Travelling as well. But we shall see. I reckon Zoom Conventions will be a thing if it isn't already.

Cutting to the chase, I've updated and added a truckload of new arts onto the website. Not only does this include my recent masterpieces but also a lot more into the sketchbook studies. In addition, I've decided, after much rescanning and sourcing out my photos to upload my gift art done for folks over the years on special occasions, birthdays and more. Certain people here will be more than delighted to see their work in the gallery I'd bet. The reason for this partly to with my wish to break into the Greetings card and festive poster market as a sideline amongst others. I often get the compliment that the card means more than the present. It's early days as I say this but with Lockdown still in effect and its legacy to affect people's lives for a time, why not give it a go?

Gotta crack on; more GV stuff around the corner. -TomT


Okay, Server updates!
I spent a few hours as of late researching and trying to sort out the SSL malarky on the Genma Visage website when the self-signing stick doesn't work. Google and popular browsers seem to treat non-SSL sites like a certain plague so it's commonly recommended for artists to be on top of the matter when designing. Like many, I've opted for a temporary certificates from Let's Encrypt that I have to renew every 90 days, which. Despite this, however, at the moment despite it being greenlit in my Cpanel, the website is still giving me that security gyp in the lock sign by the address bar. Either my web host is flat out rejecting it, or it could be part of the coding and how the website is made (i.e. notepad, Frontpage express and whichever trick with PHP and trick coding I can get my hands on). If it's the former it may seem that I'll have to register an SSL certificate, yet frankly not until I'm 200% sure it is necessary. By the way, my brain is as fried as most people on the subject.

Anyway, just to generally reclarify: the Genma Visage page is a portfolio site and will not ask for sensitive data \ information. Sales and business transactions will be done on-site on 3rd party sites such as PayPal, Patreon and so forth.

And that's about it. I'll tell you more when I know, and you all keep safe in this paracetamol-gobbling age. -Tommy


I've decided upon length that I will not be doing London MCM this May due to current business plans and also pleasant family matters taking shape within that time. I do still have my eyes set on Scotland MCM and London MCM October of which, all being well, you shall see me there.

Admittedly the Corona Virus is another factor, specifically how it'll affect the Health and Safety protocol of the event. A little birdy tells me that it's making huge events across nations loopy and haywire as we speak. With all the preparations I could make for an event that gets cancelled and whether I'll get my dosh back, it's a headache I can do without for now. Unless one of my favourite models is attending, then never mind the Corona Virus. I'll carry that big suitcase on bleeding stumps in the snow. :P

That all being said, maybe nothing will happen at all, the show will go on, and I myself will commend the first person to create a Corona Virus cosplay. I'm serious, there'll be at least one. ;P

But yeah. London MCM has been one of, if not the favourite of mine, but this year I'd like to take a breath of fresh air and seek other ventures to make up for my absence there. To those attending, do have a great time, keep safe, and I'll see you again in the future. x -Tommy.


Ayup chaps! First post of 2020!

I've had a recent buff to the website as of late to organise the gallery section. Because each section of the gallery is growing into its own exhibition, separating them I felt was the best way to avoid potential clutter in the future. As such my side project Lust of the Dakini has taken up (temporary) residence on the Genma Visage site with an updated summary of its premise. In due time I may register a new domain and new website design for it, but for the moment, I've barely touched my disk space for Genma Visage so I may as well make the most of things.

I've also updated my About page and personal bio section, of which I would like to thank
Wayne Riley for providing the photo of me a while back (hope that's alright and I've added you to the credits). Taking lead from certain peers I've also been extra flash and added my credentials beneath my bio for good measure because you only live once.

So yeah, there's been general changes to the site, and Pteradon's head has popped into the side menu which I intend to try out something in the near future. Otherwise, truth be told, I've been putting off the Kindle \ Comixology thing mainly due to last-minute touches and advertising \ networking ventures to try and truly enrich the promotion, not to mention the Patreon that I'm looking into. This weekend and the next, I hope to let the axe fall and severe the last threads of perfectionism once and for all. Then truly it's on to pastures new.

There may or may not be something of a lengthy announcement in the coming weeks, depending on if I feel it's relevant but I'll let you know in pleasant kind. -TomT


As of late, although Linkedin can be seen as indifferent to what I do hence why other sites like Deviantart, Artstation and Instagram fill the bill, I've been giving mine a good shunt so that it appears a lot more up to date and vocal.

Unfortunately, the turbulent period for me is still present, and it has tempted me to start this post on a much more negative note. But I'm no Quitter!

Still, this will make some chaps snigger in the back row. I am contemplating something that proves that hell has not only frozen over, but it has also got a pack of Coca Colas in reserve.

I'm contemplating Patreon!


Many thanks and cheers to everyone who made London MCM a really swell convention this year. I made similar announcements on the FB but I just wanted to say that I now have a Twine page as well for the certain flair of commissioners to contact me through. My reach is getting stronger by the day, folks!

I've had a wee snag with firefox with this website, though Chrome and basic Internet Explorer seem to be running alright. Basically, there was a security certificate issue that my service provider alerted me, while I seem to have updated that for another 6 months, Firefox that I tried the site seems to give the alarm bell on website security, which blocks you (temporarily) from my site. It could be a setting on that particular computer at the time. Still, if anyone's having errors, give me a shout to let me know.

In any case, payment transactions won't be done through the website directly for the time being (there'll be PayPal and offsite stores for that), so there shouldn't be any risks here. Tom over and out.


Come meet me in the Comic Village at table CV 27!

Genma Visage Book 1: £ 7.50
Genma Visage Book 2: £ 6.50
Genma Visage Book 3: £ 7.50
Genma Visage: Profane Divinations: £ 15.00
Genma Visage: The Progeny of Shemsu-Hor (First Edition): £15.00

£5 a print. Including the "Springfield Warriors" and "Tyrannical Cryomancy" pieces.

Stock Prints

A4: £2.50 A3: £3.50


Simple / Cartoony
Sketch: £7
Inks: £12 (Per Additional Character: £7.50)
Colours: £18 (Per Additional Character: £13)

Detailed / Realistic

Sketch: £12
Inks: £20 (Per Additional Character: £15)
Colours: £30 (Per Additional Character: £24)

I've extended my reach to
Artstation and Instagram lately.

So I've uploaded the key artworks I've done over the past 5 years onto this site, and I have to say I find this place pretty top notch. I'll be keeping my Deviantart up for time I think, but so far artstation blows it out the water and will probably become my dominant separate art page besides the home page.

What I like about this (as you can check out) is that you upload stuff as projects, meaning you can showcase the sketches, inks, concepts and general works of progress besides the main image. You CAN do this on facebook and deviantart of course, but only as separate images, so you feel like you risk cluttering your gallery or peeing in the wind \ playing second fiddle with lots of tiny updates. Keeping everything localised just feels so much more tidy.

On top of that from what I can see, there's lots of pro quality art on this site, so it feels great to place yourself in an environment where you can keep pushing and breaking the limits of your capabilities for a good cause.
I've added the buttons on my homepage's menu. Otherwise you can see my stuff in the links and catch some of the process of the artworks.

Instagram updates sre next, though won't be as detailed as I've done on Artstation.

Hello, chaps. There was a fair share of updates on the facebook blog that made mention of the stage by stage process on the ebook shtick, the cancellation of Scotland MCM 2019 due to family and work-related issues, and the booking of London MCM October 2019, probably the last con this year. In short, I'm cutting to the chase with the most recent lengthy update.

So there you have it. That's the offload of stuff I've been working on for some time. Could be better, could be worse. I'm at the point where Sean Connery says to Harrison Ford "Indiana...let it go..."
The website and gallery have been tailored accordingly and may receive some minor tweaks or additional content as the ball keeps rolling. Otherwise, here's hoping that you've enjoyed the ride so far, and somewhere between the heavy crunch I've enjoyed it too, hah! Here's hoping that the recent revelation about Book 0's token pretty boy Seker prompts a few sales and inquiries of interest for the series. After all, there's Book 0 PART 3 to look forward to!
On that subject, there's the further issue of the store. Basically, the EBOOK and print versions are ready, but I wish to have some further meditation on the outlets before I press the button, as leaving it in someone else's hands is certainly no decision to rush. Incidentally, I will not be doing as a book printing outlet. Honestly, it was a ballpark name I've been throwing out there to tempt someone if not a distant descendant across time and space to burst into my room and shout "DO NOT DO IT!" But certain reviews nevertheless steered me away from Lulu as they basically bend you over and give you one from what I hear.
At the moment I have a good deal with my choice of printers. For the time being, Tuke Works Productions will be printing and posting all sales first hand, along with the bonus sketches I normally provide with each sale. I'll have to play it by ear when a proper publisher comes along, or it reaches a point where I'm fully engaged in posting thousands out per week, of course, if that day comes, that alone would provide a cosy full-time job. :P
There'll be more news to come here and there, but to anyone reading this (and thanks for your time) if you wish to shoot a few suggestions based on your experience, I will certainly be all ears.
In conclusion, I'll leave you with one last teaser: The names of potential projects in the future.
Genma Visage Book 4
Genma Visage Book 5?
Genma Visage Book 0 Part 3
Genma Visage Expanded Lore collection 1
Genma Visage Expanded Lore collection 2 (!)
Lust of the Dakini 1
Possible Future titles of Lust of the Dakini
Potential Art Book of a pending name (possibly something Poncy like "Uncharted Mind chasms of Akai Kiba" )

Ello chaps! Tommy Tuke has made it back to Blighty, though perhaps I'm overdue for the announcement. In truth, no sooner had I got back to the U.K that I did get loaded with a few commissions and a couple of other itches to scratch.

So yeah, my trip across the pond to Canada was indeed delightful. In short, between the R.O.M, rich countryside, the C.N. tower, aquarium, the Zoo, bears, in-laws, lots of travelling, cider, coffee, maple syrup, sunshine, Lovecraft audiobooks and my wonderful niece Cordelia, you can tell I had a great time. Apart from the subpar apartment that I was staying at and the scheming owner trying to rob us, I can't find fault in the trip at all. I was thoroughly refreshed and content, charging my mental batteries for the day I arrive back and get cracking back to my Art.

Onto the first and bad news: Sadly I will not be doing Scotland MCM this year due to Work and family-related reasons. Nothing severe but still demanding, and as other colleagues had other duties, there wasn't much point without a real party. So I'm pooling all my energy into London MCM instead, or perhaps any other major convention post-Halloween. To all my regular customers who make the journey on that convention, I'm still available for commissions if you need something fixed up. On that note yes, Commissions are available to anyone else. ;)

In any case, based on where I left it on my last blog and deviation, the future of Genma is looking bright. 3 to 5 books are in mind for the pipeline which Still a lot of work of course. The expanded Lore collection was my next one out hopefully this fall, with plans to write another collection of Lore stories, 2 of which will concern the Arch Demon Grail with other tales involving Zulie Zerpent and Shiki Logan from Tytronitek city. I've had further concepts for stories for Maud Lesgov which will serve as Bonus stories for the other comics. The next actual comic of Genma will be Book 4, knocking the saga in Los Rokuma on the head followed by Book 0 part 3.

All that said though, as I mentioned in my last journal, the priority besides the Lore collection for this year was, of course, Lust of the Dakini. During my Canada adventures, I had plenty of time to ponder on what to write, and so far progress on the first story is coming along. Since I uploaded the concepts a while back, the core setting remains intact but significant changes have been made to a number of characters as well as the general theme. I don't know If I mentioned it before, but you can certainly forget this tale being a deliberate parody or comedy. For sure it'll embrace a Cartoony look with the spur of the moment shots of black, attention-to-detail humour, but it'll be plot-driven plot as opposed to the common trend where thin stories support cheap jokes. The plot itself will be a bit darker as well. Not too dark as I want room for optimism, but dark enough to tell a more interesting story, as frankly, it's been 8 years of throwing poo against the wall and seeing what sticks. :P Simply put, I love doing detailed art and you'll see what I mean in the coming time.

So yes, new arts have been made and are on their way, including spreading of the Lore art and a certain Kindle upload. Be sure to tell me what you think. x - TomT

Ello chaps, and It's about bloody time too.

After an immense single-handed workload, the website art and additional Lore stories are now up. Plus the comics are ready to go Gold and take their new path in the outlets of Amazon Kindle and other online outlets including (possibly) lulu and comixology. Naturally, it was always possible to order personal copies from my convention stock and that will still be viable if you want me to sign copies or have Ink doodles to go with it, but the online outlets will now take some weight off my hands. The final cuts of Book 0 parts 1 and 2 will now have their official release.

The 3 new Lore stories are available to read in the Lore section and after some pondering the vastly expanded, 4 times longer versions that I "accidentally" wrote will be available for purchase this fall in a collected volume which will including additional artwork to boot. As we speak I'm also sizing up the offchance that there will be 3 more beyond that in a further volume that covers further adventures for our Mutant Demigod hero.

Suffice to say I am very relieved to end one great project and excited to begin another as this year rolls on. I did plan that the Lust of the Dakini side project would be the next main priority as I wanted a break from Genma. Otherwise, besides the focus on the promotion, Book 4 of the series along with the final part of the Book 0 Chaos series will be next on the cards.

I'd like to say many thanks to the recent and pursued interest from new and old fans alike. The new artwork that I've routinely promised (and so sorry for the pushbacks!) will make its rounds known this July in the buildup. Otherwise, you can see a good chunk of them in advance on the website itself.

I'll be doing some travelling for the next couple of weeks of which my sketchbook and fine and dandy paper will never be far away. Hoping to bring back some traditional art seeing how I'm practically full digital now. I shall see you chaps in July!

x x x -Tom


To anyone who's just looked me up after the last MCM Expo, I just wanted to say thank you for your time and your help in making this May's MCM the best in a while. It was great meeting you all, and it is my ambition to make my upload rate more fruitful over the next coming months. As I may have stated, I'm one of those "do it bulk" kind of guys as opposed to "teeny little notices about the weather" chaps.

This picture was originally done as insurance for a recent commission to assure the client that she was still in the loop amidst a busy schedule, which brings me onto the sad news I said I was going to mention as hinted in this picture. I wasn't going to make a massive Song and Dance Macabre about it persay but I felt it was necessary to get a few things off my chest.

While I haven't been left a broken man, I could want for better over the past 6 months, for I've had to say farewell to a few people I know. As some of you are maybe aware, our good buddy Andy Lee made the decision to take his own life last November. More details have arisen since then, and as you can expect with these tragedies, there seems to be quite a complex story to pick up on. While we're not blaming directly the doctor who treated Andy, Curt and I have expressed our anger on the therapy system as a whole who may have had its hand in his downfall, particularly if it started pumping him full of the kind of pills that make you go whacko if you take too much or too little. Curt can give you a better story than I can, but suffice to say it's added another wrinkle onto the face of my less than sunny opinion of modern psychiatric therapy. As I said in a previous Image, Andy, for a chap I never met face to face, was a most friendly fellow, and a very promising Artist who was making quite the progress in his career, so it's far from the kind of story I would have like to have seen cut short.

It didn't end there, unfortunately. About 4 weeks before Christmas, a close friend of my family, particularly my Mum and Dad who knew Steve since they were teens, was taken from this world due to complications in heart surgery. The guy may have had diabetes and a heart condition, but even still he was hardworking, kept himself active and did a lot of travelling. He didn't strike me like a worst case scenario for his physical condition, yet fate had other plans. We gave him a bright send off the week following Christmas into the new year. As I had known him and the family since I was a wee lad, another chapter in the book came to end as Steve made that journey to the other side, hopefully to the tune of much reggae, funk, jazz and soul that himself, Dad and friends enjoy for all time.

Then, my Gran expired last March. She had reached the age of 97 and a half, and in summary, she had simply been "fading away" in the last month of her life. She had been dealing with Dementia for the last 8 years, which again makes this a rather complicated and touchy story to discuss. All the same, Gran had led a long eventful life and was certainly quite the character that made her mark on our lives, and because she had been with us for so long, naturally it was hard to let go. Her funeral was on a bright sunny day and was as good as you can expect. It was overwhelming in the emotion category for sure, but we were in the company of our close friends to make us feel rather loved and merrier in the celebration of Gran's life.

There's light at the end of the tunnel, mind you. As of the past month, I've been made an Uncle. My Big Bro who is doing well overseas with his lovely Wife has brought my Niece into the world and what a bouncy ball of chubby-cheeked cuddles she's turned out to be! I'll be seeing them all in the next couple of weeks for a long deserved break, so I'm sure looking forward to that.

So that's about it, really. I'm not going to force feed you some complex circle of life analogy or how I feel. But I guess the "close to death" factor, the new generation to be a role model for and the fact that I've recently single-handedly accomplished a good few personal workloads means I can certainly, to honour their above memories, push forward and live life to the fullest.

I just wanted to say thanks again to all those who stood shoulder to shoulder with us during these hard times. It's infinitely much appreciated. Thanks again as well those sticking with me during my personal projects. May all your paths be ones of peace. x x

More updates coming, hopefully next week. Sandown park Toyfair and Scotland MCM should hopefully be the next conventions that I'll be attending.


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I'm going to have more info in a blog next week detailing my recent happenings. Keep well, guys! x -TomT

I've had a bumpy few months as announced here and there on my Facebook and D.A. Christmas was otherwise lovely as always and MCM was Okay. I'm just dropping this quick message to let folks know I'm alive and well as evident in the renewal of my domain. Asides from the odd snippet I can't really reveal much of what I'm working on just yet, but suffice to say when the big update comes, the hard work will show. Will keep in touch! x x x -TomT

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