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"Ahah! I see that the Saga of my Great Works of Age has caught the glimmer of your feeble eyes, young mortal. Well, fret not! These Unholy Manuscripts of Vile Debauchery can be yours for the right fee! Join the legion now my subjects, and march in tune to the thunderous beat of Genma! HAHAHA!" -Apep.

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Genma Visage Book 1: Hydra - £4.00
Genma Visage Book 2: Exhumed - £3.25
Genma Visage Book 3: Leviathon - £4.00
Genma Visage Book 0 Chaos Part 1: Profane Divinations - £7.50
Genma Visage Book 0 Chaos Part 2: The Progeny of Shemsu-Hor - £7.50

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Genma Visage Book 1:

Earth and the planet Shuromij are plagued by Psychic monsters from Dimensions beyond Reality. The Most horrific fact about the beings called Youkai is...most of them are Man-Made! Now thanks to Millennia of playing God, the galaxy must endure the Occult order of Nishin Genma and their wicked extra-sensory mutation experiments. But a Former Disciple will put his foot down and stop the Mad scientist's corruption. His name is Ryuken Kage and he is the most successful and tragic of the ritual to create the ultimate Psychic Demigods; the Genma Visage. His former masters sought to find the Cure. They created only a Disease. Now Ryuken will stop it Spreading!

Ryuken’s search to take down the last members of Nishin Genma has taken him to Earth, where he finds that the elusive Jacobi has concocted a violent drug that transforms UK criminals into dramatically enhanced maniacs bent on exacting their Psychotic ambitions on the unsuspecting. As Ryuken is haunted by past traumas, can he find and stop the Drug Factory and its Emerald Blood gang before it plunges the city of Los Rokuma into hell?

76 Pages A5 size
Printed edition -
(+ Calculated Shipping Fee)


Genma Visage Book 2:

As ever Unsettling nightmares torment Ryuken’s soul, our demonic Hero seeks old friends for help against the Manipulative Jacobi, whilst Older friends still brood in light of their histories. While the Infamous Hiero the Giant lurks the city of Los Rokuma, Jacobi makes things painfully clear that he has let no one off the hook, and discretely reveals the cards he has yet to play.

Includes the Bonus Stories Wardog, Dinotown, The Kiss from a Rose, Zulie's greatest hits, Polar Bear Maud 1 and Pinups.

56 Pages A5 size
Printed edition -
(+ Calculated Shipping Fee)


Genma Visage Book3:

The Smell of Fear lingers like the Dead Bodies of Criminals that are now resurrecting across Los Rokuma, sprouting out claws and tentacles with mutant savagery. All of them were hosts for the Charon Virus that inhabited the Saucer drugs that they took when they were alive. When Ryuken and Zulie mount a counter offence they find themselves going toe to toe with two of Jacobi’s most demonic and arcane of Assassins. Now Ryuken faces the awful truth, that Jacobi is far more connected and resourceful than he had ever imagined.

Includes the Bonus Stories Monstro Corpz,The Vengeance of Caetzar, Polar Bear Maud 2 and Pinups.

76 Pages A5 size
Printed edition -
(+ Calculated Shipping Fee)


Genma Visage Book 0 Part 1:
Profane Divinations

The Hardcore series is back with a Prequel story, bridging the gap between an Ancient Past and a turbulent present, where the Story and Art is Bigger, Badder and more Extreme than ever!

In the aftermath of Nishin Genma’s downfall 8 years following the Britonum War, a Dystopian England is wound up on the fabricated “Masked Crazy” phenomena, the exposure of vigilantes and Monsters hidden within Society. In response, the Government awards police powers to the Britonum Warriors, an army of criminal gangs led by the Maniacal Killer Chav. With her cruel subjugation of the people, her violent conquest for power is soon far worse than any Masked Crazy could ever be.

Against the odds, romance blossoms at a grim rehabilitation prison off the coast of Bognor Regis. A Young Amnesiac man of unknown oriental origin called Seker has fallen for a certain Chronomancing Witch, the Infamously Seductive Relicia “Risqué” Jezebel. But as she takes him down her path of self-realisation, Seker is troubled by disturbing visions. The seemingly haunted Prison is not what it seems, and all these events have now caught the red eyes of the mysterious “Ghost of Britonum.” Who is this Outsider and what is his Agenda?

Bonus Stories include the Loveable Maud Lesgov! Come laugh and learn with her as she tilts a few beers and Smashes the Sorefanni Mutants!

144 Pages A5 size
Printed edition -
(+ Calculated Shipping Fee)


Genma Visage Book 0 Part 2:
The Progeny of Shemsu-Hor

Although disbanded, the tendrils of Nishin Genma's hellish legacy still slither throughout the worlds of Earth and Shuromij. Many fearfully ponder on who, or what, will dare pick up and place Nishin Genma's baneful mantle onto such bold shoulders, for there will always be a deadly flicker of temptation in those who seek their demented, dark magic.

Fast forward to the present, while the Chronomancer Relicia Jezebel gives her consort Seker the time of his life in bed, the Britonum Warriors are bringing Hell to England. Under the cloak of invisibility, their leader, the monstrous Killer Chav uses her new Governmental resources to enforce her reign of terror across the land. Although the Ex-Supervillain Mantaklaw has sprung out of retirement to the rescue, everyone is in for a shock when Killer Chav accidentally awakens an Ancient Evil far older and greater in power than any mortal foe who dares face it.

It’s now up to the familiar Ghost from the Bognor Regis Rehab. He who has protected its residents, fought the Britonum Warriors, and survived the Britonum war, now emerges from the Shadows to combat this new threat. But an uneasy thought still echoes at the back of his mind; just how far back does Nishin Genma’s Legacy go?

Includes an Introduction by Mantaklaw and Art Gallery.

136 Pages A4 size
Printed edition -
(+ Calculated Shipping Fee)

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The Echidna Hymn
(Lore Story Collection)

A selection of short written stories from the website fully expanded for printed edition, including bonus material, arcs and exclusive illustrations. Covers the following stories.
. Prologue
. The Demonic Terror of the Bloodfeud Nightmare
. The Battle of Bulru Shonat vs Mahn-Gurudhum
. Beasts of Tygrontuk
. Where the Nightmarchers stride
. Debauchery on the A-2 Hercules
. Ryuken Memoirs
. Endgame at Seaford: The Echidna Hymn

Approximately 200+pages


Genma Visage and its related works are Copyright © to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.